How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10?

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

The persistent Bluetooth problems in Windows 10 are a significant source of frustration. It can stop functioning on a machine running Windows 10 for multiple reasons. There are several ways to restore functionality after experiencing such Bluetooth issues.

When you connect many Bluetooth devices to one computer, there can be problems. These problems can happen because of updates for Windows, when devices don’t work well together, when software doesn’t get along, or when there are issues with the computer’s parts.

Sometimes, the computer needs an update to its operating system, software, or device drivers. It causes connectivity issues. Errors with Bluetooth in Windows 10 can also be caused by a malfunctioning device, by turning on or off the wrong settings in Windows 10, or by simply turning off the Bluetooth device.

In Windows 10, Bluetooth connectivity problems can emerge for several reasons, making wireless device pairing a problematic experience. The most prevalent causes of Bluetooth malfunction and how to fix them are outlined below.

  • Driver Issues

Problems with Bluetooth connectivity can arise when devices use out-of-date, missing, or incompatible drivers. Drivers are required for Windows to support Bluetooth connections. To fix this, update the manufacturer’s newest drivers or install the necessary ones through Windows Update.

  • Hardware Switch or Key

It is possible to quickly activate or deactivate Bluetooth on some computers by pressing a hardware switch or a set of keys. However, users might sometimes accidentally flip this switch, breaking the Bluetooth connection. To prevent this from happening, make sure Bluetooth is turned on by checking the physical hardware switch or pressing the appropriate key combination.

  • Airplane Mode

Turning on airplane mode by accident can cause problems with your Bluetooth and other wireless connections. Airplane mode can cause Bluetooth devices to become disconnected and unresponsive, so preventing accidental activation is essential. The Windows Action Centre or Settings menu is where you may go to check on and turn off airplane mode.

  • Bluetooth Service

The Bluetooth Service provides support for Bluetooth connections. Devices may only be able to connect if this service is active. Verify that the service is enabled and operating with the “Automatic” setting.

  • Device Compatibility

There have been issues with Windows 10’s Bluetooth stack and device compatibility. Due to incompatibilities with the built-in Bluetooth system, not all Bluetooth devices will function correctly in a Windows 10 environment. This may prevent Bluetooth devices from connecting or working properly on your Windows 10 PC.

  • Interference

Factors such as other wireless devices’ proximity can affect Bluetooth’s performance. Bluetooth signal disruption is possible due to various factors, or communication issues may arise if they overlap with other wireless technologies using the same or similar frequencies.

Physical barriers and metal items can also weaken Bluetooth signals. Obstacles like walls, furniture, and electronic equipment can diminish the range and functionality of Bluetooth. To ensure optimal connection quality, it is advisable to position Bluetooth-enabled devices in unobstructed areas.

  • Software Conflicts

Bluetooth functionality built into Windows can be disrupted by third-party software, mainly if that software also includes Bluetooth-related capabilities. If you suspect a specific piece of software is at fault, you can try disabling or removing it.

  • Corrupted Settings

Incorrect or corrupted settings might be the cause of problems with Bluetooth connections. A system restoration to when Bluetooth was functional or resetting the Bluetooth settings to their defaults could fix this.

  • Power Management

To save electricity, Windows can mechanically disable Bluetooth. You must turn off the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” option in the Bluetooth adapter’s entry in the Device Manager.

  • Windows Updates

Windows upgrades, which can include incompatibilities or flaws, may cause problems with Bluetooth operation. Make sure your OS has the most recent patch installed. On occasion, updates to Windows can lead to issues with the functionality of Bluetooth devices. Despite their good intentions, specific updates may cause Bluetooth connections to stop working correctly because of compatibility issues or bugs.

  • Physical Hardware Issues

Infrequent faults in Bluetooth hardware are a known source of connection drops. If you’re having problems with Bluetooth, you should check your computer’s Bluetooth adapter. You must confirm the proper installation and full functionality of the Bluetooth adapter before proceeding. Driver-related issues or conflicts can prevent the system from recognizing the device.

  • Disconnected Devices

When trying to reconnect automatically, a linked Bluetooth device currently disconnected from or out of range of your computer may experience difficulty. These gadgets may lose their Bluetooth connection with your computer if they move too far away from the computer.

Methods to Fix Bluetooth Issues on Windows 10

The best method is to check for Bluetooth Support Services to ensure that this service works efficiently to allow Windows to run without any issues. Another method is to start the Windows built-in Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool to identify and remove all the active errors.

If Bluetooth frequently fails to function with Windows and the PC can’t connect to external devices, checking Bluetooth services, fixing your Bluetooth settings, disconnecting and reconnecting Bluetooth, updating your Bluetooth drivers, and reinstalling Bluetooth drivers will help.

However, Bluetooth connections might experience difficulties impairing functionality like any other technology. You’re not alone if your Windows 10 computer has Bluetooth issues; there are efficient ways to investigate and fix them.

Check Bluetooth Services

For optimal efficiency and trouble-free operation, Windows cannot function without Windows Services, a crucial program that must always remain active. Bluetooth also requires the use of its dedicated Service to work properly. Follow these procedures to see if your Bluetooth services’ status can illuminate the problem.

  • Press “Windows + R” to bring up the Run dialogue. Press Enter after typing “service.msc.”

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

  • The second step is to find the “Bluetooth Support Services” menu option. Select the Restart option from the right-click menu.
  • Then double-click it to bring up its properties pane. In the startup type drop-down, choose automated, and then click OK. To reactivate the service, click Start if you have stopped it.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

Bluetooth Device Disconnection and Reconnection

The Bluetooth issue may require a little investigation. Sometimes, you can fix the problem by unplugging the wireless device and reconnecting it to the computer. Remember that your chances of success with this approach improve if you’ve paired a Bluetooth device with your computer.

  • Click the Windows symbol in the taskbar’s lower left corner to access the Start menu. Type “Preferences,” or hit the Windows key plus I.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

  • Select the “Device Option.” Access the “Bluetooth & other devices” section of the Settings window via the left panel.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

  • Choose your Bluetooth gadget, and then hit the “Remove Device” button. Hold off on disconnecting the device until Windows has finished.
  • After disconnecting the device from your list of connected hardware, Windows will automatically remove it.
  • Select the “Add Bluetooth” or other device option and reconnect the wireless gadget. Verify whether Bluetooth issues persist after trying these solutions.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

Start the Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool

Microsoft introduced numerous means of troubleshooting Windows problems, including in-built support. If your computer won’t power down, use the in-built diagnostic tools to determine and correct the problem. The Bluetooth diagnostic tool will try to fix any issues, whether system-specific or not.

  • Click the Windows symbol in the taskbar’s lower left corner to access the Start menu. Select Preferences, or hit the Windows key plus I.
  • Select the tile for “Updates and Security.” You can find the majority of your in-built troubleshooters located here.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

  • Navigate to the “Troubleshoot” section in the left column. A troubleshooter called Bluetooth should appear here.
  • Select the “Additional troubleshooter” option to access the Bluetooth troubleshooter without sending Microsoft your diagnostic data.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

  • Select the Troubleshoot option and click the button. Patiently wait for the troubleshooter to do a scan and determine the nature of the problem.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

Fix Your Bluetooth Settings

Specific Windows 10 users reported that they could turn off the option to allow nearby Bluetooth devices to detect their computers. The Bluetooth service is just one example of how this can occur. Here’s how to solve it.

  • Press the Windows key plus R on your keyboard to open the Run command prompt. Put “control” in the box without the quotes.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

  • The Settings menu will open in a new tab or window. Look for “Bluetooth” in the site’s search bar located in the upper right corner. Select the Devices and Printers subheading from the search results and then the Change Bluetooth settings link.
  • Ensure that under the Options menu, Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC is checked. After making your selection, hit Apply and check the connectivity of your wireless device.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

Update Your Bluetooth Drivers

Drivers can become obsolete in the same way that your operating system can. You may have already installed Bluetooth drivers but should have updated them. Your PC may have come with preinstalled drivers that are now outdated.

If you’re getting the “Bluetooth is not available on this device” error, updating your Bluetooth drivers should fix the problem. Is the adapter not working? Try plugging it into a different outlet.

  • To open Device Manager, hit the Windows key plus X on your keyboard.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

  • A drop-down selection will appear if you click the arrow next to the Bluetooth option. If your Bluetooth adapter is in the menu, right-click it and select Update Driver.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

  • Choose how you will update your driver. Windows 10 allows you to automatically search for a driver online or manually search for a fresh driver file on your hard drive.
  • Please wait until the driver installation process is complete. Check whether the problem persists after repeating the process with all your Bluetooth adapter drivers.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

Reinstall Your Bluetooth Drivers

If it doesn’t work, a complete reinstallation of your Bluetooth drivers may be in need. We will resolve any driver conflicts and restore any lost files. To begin, follow these instructions to remove the existing driver.

  • Press your keyboard’s Windows and R buttons simultaneously to access the Run command. Enter “devmgmt. msc” (without the quotes) and click the OK button. 

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

  • The Device Manager will open in a new tab or window. The Bluetooth sub-category will open if you right-click on it.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

  • To uninstall the audio device you are now using, right-click on it in the list and select the option to do so.
  • When prompted, select “Uninstall” from the menu. Hold off until Windows 10 uninstalls the hardware.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

Get the Bluetooth Driver That Matches Your System

With this information, you can track down and install the Bluetooth driver software most compatible with your machine. If you’ve never done a Bluetooth download, the instructions below will help you through the process.

  • Launch your web browser. Microsoft Edge, the default web browser in Windows 10, is already installed and ready for use.
  • You can find the appropriate driver for your processor by going to a search engine, entering your processor’s model, and then typing “Bluetooth driver download” in the search bar.
  • Find the official website with the download links and go there. Avoid becoming infected with malware and viruses by downloading from a legitimate source.
  • Get the most up-to-date version of your computer’s Bluetooth driver here. Download the driver that is compatible with your system’s architecture.
  • After obtaining the proper device drivers, the final step is to set them up.

Verify That You Have the Most Recent Version of Windows 10

Some users have found that upgrading to the most recent version of Windows 10 resolved the problems they were experiencing with Bluetooth. You may also gain access to additional, previously unavailable features, enhanced security, and enhanced optimization.

  • To access the Start menu, click the Windows symbol in the taskbar’s lower left corner. Now, type System Settings.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

  • Select the tile labeled “Update & Security.” You may control when Windows Update checks for updates and what time you receive them in this section.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

  • Keep the Windows Update window open on the default tab. Select the Check for Updates button to see if there are any new updates for Windows 10. If any updates are already displayed, you can view and install them by selecting the View all optional updates link.
  • Click on “Install” if you find an available update. Doing this will trigger Windows get the newer version.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

Clean Up Viruses That Conflict with Bluetooth Functioning

Bluetooth problems on a Windows 10 machine can result from malware or viruses. Start Windows in safe mode to uninstall any problematic applications and fix the problem. Alternatively, you can use antivirus or anti-malware software to investigate and eliminate potential sources of the issue. Some Bluetooth cases in Windows 10 could be attributable to bugs. Think about any new software or programs you’ve installed recently, and remove any that are causing problems.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |

Ensure That You Connect Your Devices Properly to Your Computer

The pairing procedure might be at fault here. It would help if you properly paired your Bluetooth devices for them to be discoverable by other devices. It’s important to remember that each gadget has its unique procedure.

The vast majority of them should feature a Bluetooth pairing button. For specific devices, simply pressing and holding the Power button for an extended period may be sufficient. Referring to the owner’s manual is your best bet for learning the ins and outs of pairing your Bluetooth device.

Try A Different USB Port

Unfortunately, many desktop computers do not natively support Bluetooth technology. Thus an adapter is required to enable this feature. However, it only sometimes performs as planned. Changing the port your Bluetooth adapter is plugged into can help if this occurs. Adjusting the adapter’s USB port from USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 has been reported to fix specific customers’ problems.

Wi-Fi Disabling Method

Some laptops combine Wi-Fi and Bluetooth into a single card, leading to compatibility concerns. Turn off your Wi-Fi adaptor if you need to utilize your Bluetooth device. According to reports, this has been helpful for some users in successfully pairing their Bluetooth devices.

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10? |


In conclusion, it’s understandable to feel frustrated by recurrent Bluetooth troubles on Windows 10. Fortunately, there are several approaches you may take to resolve this issue. Bluetooth troubleshooting provides a wide variety of solutions to common connectivity issues, such as missing icons, device disconnection, driver incompatibilities, and software errors.

Bluetooth is essential for efficient communication between gadgets and computer networks because of its central role in wireless networking. However, Bluetooth connections on Windows 10 could fail for various reasons, including software and hardware problems and conflicts with third-party programs. There are several causes for Bluetooth connectivity’s complexity, and this tutorial has supplied a complete set of methods for overcoming them.

The loss of the Bluetooth icon might be annoying, and this instruction explains how to restore it so that you can once again make wireless connections. The article gives detailed directions for resolving the issue, from removing and reinstalling Bluetooth drivers to doing device scans.

Problems with Bluetooth on Windows 10 can seem impossible initially, but several possible solutions exist, as you’ll see in this post. By exploring the various troubleshooting techniques and suggestions included in this manual, users can take charge of their Bluetooth connectivity and ensure that their devices will connect without a hitch, allowing them to take full advantage of the benefits of wireless communication.

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