Can SSD Improve FPS? – Facts

Can SSD Improve FPS? |

SSD can improve your computer’s overall performance by increasing the speed of your operating system tasks and applications. The software installed on an SSD will work more efficiently and faster, and the operating system will boot much faster. Plugging an SSD into your PC setup is a must in 2024.

Yes, Solid-State Drive (SSD) can improve your Frames-per-second (FPS) because it offers faster read and write speed with more performance enhancement than the old Hard-Disk Drives (HDDs). A better speed performance will significantly affect the gameplay, decreasing the load time with better frames.

The SSDs have been improved over the years, offering faster speed with more storage space. There are four types of Solid-State Drivers; the 2.5″ SATA SSD is the most popular one; it can connect to almost all computer systems and laptops with the most popular and widespread SATA cables. The same goes for NVMe.NVMe is the fastest SSD ever made; it connects to the motherboard directly to provide better performance, but it limits the audience. M.2 SATA is the third type of SSD directly connecting to the motherboard via SATA ports. mSATA is the least used SSD because it has the same traits as a 2.5″ SATA SSD.

The newly released Gen 4 NVMe PCIe SSDs now have an incredible speed of 7.5 GB/s. Regarding their speed, NVMe SSDs provide the fastest read and write rate with over 3 GB/s.  Whereas the most widespread 2.5″ SATA, mSATA, and M.2 SATA SSDs provide the same and decent speed of 500 to 600 MB/s. SSD improves FPS because of faster speed, better performance, new technology, compatibility, reliability, and improved load times. SSD also improves the tasks and functions of an operating system because it provides much better speed. All of these features are discussed in detail below.

Can SSD Improve FPS? |

Faster Speed then Other Drives

The Solid-State Drives provide faster read and write speed, which greatly improves gaming because it will be able to load the game files way faster than the old Hard-Disk Drivers. It can increase the frames to provide much smoother gameplay and is vital for competition.

In professional competitive gaming, the SSDs are necessary for maximum performance. Most PC builds used by professional gamers are built with the fastest NVMe SSDs to install the operating system (Windows) and games. It will not directly improve the frames but make the game smoother with reading time.

Better Performance

Of course, these SSDs improve your operating system’s performance and increase the computer’s speed. SSDs increase the overall performance of your PC; they have become vital for some heavy software and games. In the generation of technology, everyone wants better and faster performance speed.

Because of the speed and reliability, SSD is considered much better at providing performance than the old hard drives. It would take less time to load the game files, and during the gameplay, the improvements can be seen while rendering the new areas and scenes by playing open-world games such as Minecraft.

Can SSD Improve FPS? |

New Technology

Instead of using the old “Disk Drive” technology of HDDs, SSDs use “NAND Flash Memory,” which was introduced in 1987. These memory cells provide more storage space with faster read and write capability. They have been used vastly in SSDs, flash drives, cell phones, and other data storage devices.

Over the years, the technology of SSDs has been improved significantly, and the requirements of new game titles have also been increased to load better graphics. These technology developments allowed the hardware manufacturers to keep the components updated and the SSDs by introducing the Gen5.

Compatibility with Devices

The Solid-State Drives will be compatible with the new hardware, motherboards, and laptops. Future-proofing your PC is the best way to stay updated in this era of rapid new technology inventions. These SSDs will be the most popular and reliable storage devices for at least 10 more years.

The most widespread 2.5″ SATA SSD has more compatibility than the old hard drives. You can attach these SSDs to almost all the devices with SATA power and data cable support, and almost all the computers and laptops have built-in SATA support. Whereas NVMe is getting popular rapidly to storm the industry.

Can SSD Improve FPS? |


The old Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) are not immune to the shocks and drops due to their structure made up of mechanical parts. These hard drives can last 3 to 5 years, whereas the latest Solid-State Drives (SSDs) can last up to 10 years because the NAND flash memory cells decay slower than the metallic disks.

These new SSDs provide better data security by much faster-eliminating threats like malware and viruses. Reliability is very important for your storage device because it saves all the important data; hard drives are less reliable for data backup due to their structure, technology, and mechanism.

Boosts Operating System Loading

Installing an operating system such as Windows on the SSD will boost your computer’s speed by decreasing the boot and load time and increasing the speed of applications and tasks. Furthermore, installing the games into your SSD’s volume drive will provide faster loading time and smoother rendering of frames.

While gaming, the background tasks of the operating system can cause a bit of lag or delay due to less RAM; installing an SSD into your system can modify these background tasks and applications to work more efficiently without causing stress to your computer system. It is the best alternative to less RAM.

Can SSD Improve FPS? |

Can An SSD Lower FPS?

No, Solid-State Drive (SSD) doesn’t lower the FPS. Instead, it increases the performance of your computer by providing faster read and write speed, which also means it would load up the game files much quicker. Rendering new places in open-world games is much faster with the help of SSD as a storage device.

If your SSD is not performing as it should or reducing the performance, it can be due to a faulty SSD, corrupt Windows, or the files being infected with viruses or malware. The crack games easily get infected with the virus, reducing your system’s frames and performance. The reasons are explained below:

Faulty SSD

A faulty, damaged, or refurbished SSD can cause unstabilities and performance loss. That is why buying a used SSD or using a trusted seller, shop, or site for such purchases is not recommended. Used SSDs can cause unstable performance issues, reducing the speed and causing the game to lag.

Corrupt Windows Installed on SSD

Corrupted or un-updated Windows operating systems can also reduce computer system performance. It can also affect the gameplay, making it sluggish while reducing the frames. It will be a huge performance loss in open-world games, where new locations and scenes are rendered for the players.

Malware or Virus

Malware or virus attacks can easily corrupt the operating system and game files, making everything slow and laggy. Most of the cracked games are built with illegal “.exe” files; sometimes, they become the root of new viruses. Regular updates for Windows Defender can eliminate these threats.

Can SSD Improve FPS? |

What Increases FPS?

Random Access Memory (RAM) increases the FPS significantly. Increasing your RAM or upgrading their MHz will eventually increase the frames for all games. RAM is your computer’s temporary memory storage device; this helps the system run applications such as games by temporarily storing the readings.

CPU and GPU also generate the basic FPS, but increasing the RAM will help to boost the FPS to the maximum with your computer’s specifications. Some games are CPU-intensive, which will require more CPU usage; the same goes for GPU-intensive games. But all games need RAM, and upgrading RAM is best.

Good storage devices like SSD also increase games’ rendering and loading performance by providing faster read and write speeds. Sometimes, bottlenecks can cause lower FPS due to unstable performance; upgrading your CPU or GPU to make them compatible is always recommended for better performance.

Can SSD Improve FPS? |


Solid-state drives (SSDs) provide more performance with more instantaneous speeds because they are constructed by the new “NAND Flash Memory” cells, providing more stable performance and reliability. SSDs also increase the frames by rendering a game’s environment, movements, and scenes much faster.

Upgrading your old Hard Disk Drives to the latest SSDs is a great way to back up and save your important data. Professional competitive gamers install the fastest NVMe SSDs into their PC builds to enhance the performance of their computer and gain more frames by reducing the loading and rendering time.

Solid-state drives are more compatible and reliable in terms of security and safety. They are also shockproof, making them even safer. The old HDDs tend to get corrupted due to shocks or drops because of their poor structure and mechanism. These hard drives are not safe for important data and backup.

Installing new RAM or upgrading the MHz of your previous RAM will significantly boost the frames of every game. Building a PC with compatible hardware components of the same generation and performance also helps to reduce the chances of bottlenecks, which can reduce performance and cause instability.

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