Does GPU Come With PSU Cables?

Does GPU Come With PSU Cables & When? |

GPU and PSU are one of the most important parts of a computer system. GPU is responsible for displaying computer graphics on a monitor, while PSU provides power to every device connected to a computer system, including GPU. Simply, the GPU depends on the PSU to work properly.

In this article, I will help you clear your concepts about Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Power Supply Unit (PSU). You will also get the answer to the question: does the GPU come with PSU cables, and when? Not only this, we will discuss other things about GPU and PSU as well.

Does GPU Come With PSU Cables?

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) does not come with Power Supply Unit (PSU) cables. The cables connected to the GPU are part of the computer PSU. And the purpose of these power cables is to provide the required amount of voltage and current to the GPU so it can work properly.

If you need the GPU cables, you will purchase them from a store selling computer accessories or buy a new PSU with those cables. But yes, if you are purchasing a GPU from some kind of person, then they are giving you the power cable extension, so you don’t have to buy them.

What Is GPU In A Computer?

GPU is a graphics processing unit in a computer. Graphics include 2D and 3D images and objects. It stores the graphics before processing them. Then it processes them using a unique processor. In the end, it displays the output on our computer screen.

Does GPU Come With PSU Cables & When? |

Without a GPU, the CPU had to do all the graphics-related tasks mentioned above. That is why the older computers were very slow. Thanks to the inventors of GPU who saved us plenty of time and made the games faster.

What Is PSU In Pc?

The power Supply Unit is the part of a computer system that provides power to all internal and external devices connected to a computer. The power we get for the plug is AC (alternating current) while all computer devices, including their motherboard and GPU. 

Does GPU Come With PSU Cables & When? |

Every device attached to a computer requires a different amount of power. For example, storage devices need more or less 4 to 10 watts, a common GPU needs more or less 70 watts, and a flash drive needs about 0.5 watts. Therefore, PSU in a personal computer provides as much power to each device as it demands.

Do GPUs Need Power Cables?

Usually, the GPUs are plugged into a slot on the motherboard. Using this slot, they gain the power to work and communicate with other devices and software. However, some GPUs, such as the GTX 1050 ti, do not need power cables.

But the power from those slots is insufficient to properly work some GPUs. That is why most high-end GPUs need power cables from PSUs. These cables or connectors provide the GPUs with their required power, and they cannot work without them at all.

What Power Cord Goes into GPU?

Different types of GPUs have different kinds of power cords connected to them. However, 6-pin, 8-pin, and 12-pin GPU power connectors are the common power cords for most GPUs. These connectors come from PSU; typically, most have black connectors.

Does GPU Come With PSU Cables & When? |

But if a PSU does not have the power cords covering a certain number of pins, then some connectors can be attached to provide the damned power to a graphics processing unit. It is also possible that you will have to upgrade your power supply unit, so your GPU has enough power to work properly.

Are CPU and GPU Power Cables The Same?

CPU and GPU power cables are different in the number of pins. The CPU power cable is connected to the motherboard so it can provide power not only to the central processing unit but also to all other devices connected to your PC. On the other hand, GPU power cables have from 6 to 12 pins depending on the type of GPU.

How Do I Power My Graphics Card?

Before powering your graphics card, you need to see how many pins it has. For example, if it has 8-pins, then an 8-pin GPU connector will come out of the PSU. Connect it to your graphics card properly because this is how you power it. 

But if you have an 8-pin connector and the GPU has only 6-pins, then you can connect 6-pins, leaving the pair of two black wires in your connector. Those are ground wires, and your graphics card does not need them to work properly.

Does GPU Come With PSU Cables & When? |

Single 8-pin graphics cards need one 8-pin connector only, while the GPU with (8+6) pins will have two 8-pin connectors coming out of the PSU. Connect any 8-pin cord to the 8-pins, and from the other cord, only connect the 6-pins leaving the pair of two black connectors. GPUs that require two 8-pin connectors are simple to power.

Can I Power My GPU with CPU Cables?

It is not recommended to power your graphics card with CPU cables. CPU cables are only meant to be connected to the motherboard. It is because the CPU cables have different pin numbers and power divisions. At the same time, the GPU power connectors have completely different pinouts and power divisions.

The CPU cables have different hole sizes, making it very difficult to connect your GPU using them. Somehow, if you have managed to connect your GPU with CPU cables, then I recommend you remove the setup before you accidentally damage your GPU for good. GPUs have predefined voltage types and levels for their pins.

Can Power Cables Affect GPU Performance?

Old and rusty power cables affect GPU performance. That is because the power cables are meant to provide a certain amount of current to a GPU. And old and rusty cables resist the flow of demanded current. As a result, the GPU loses its performance.

You must consider upgrading your current power supply unit if a GPU demands a specific PSU. For example, if your GPU needs two 8-pin connectors, you must get a PSU with such power cables. Neither the GPU slots can provide enough power to the GPUs, nor should you leave your GPU in a slot like that.

Do All Graphics Cards Have Power Connectors?

No, all graphic cards do not have power connectors, even though some don’t even have pinouts for connecting the power connectors. Suppose you are thinking about how they work, then. The answer is very simple. Such graphic cards get all the required power from the PCIe slots on the motherboard.

Does GPU Come With PSU Cables & When? |

It is because such graphic cards have a small graphic processor and VRAM. Therefore, their power to process and store graphics is also less. On the other hand, only high-end GPUs with more VRAM, powerful graphics processors, multiple fans, and colorful lights need power connectors. Therefore, their processing power and power consumption are also more.

Can I Use a 6 Pin on an 8 Pin GPU?

If you have an 8-pin8-pin connector and the GPU needs a 6-pin6-pin cable, you can attach it to your GPU, leaving the pair of two separate black cables. But I will never recommend you connect a 6-pin to an 8-pin GPU. It is because the 8-pin GPU needs more power, and 6-pins cannot provide it. 

If you accidentally connect a 6-pin to an 8-pin GPU, your power supply unit (PSU) will burn out, or your graphics card will. Therefore, I recommend upgrading to a PSU with 8-pin GPU connectors to protect your supply and card.

What Happens If GPU is Underpowered?

Most of the GPUs do not work until you connect them to the connectors coming from PSU. But, sometimes, a person can forget to connect the power connectors to a GPU. In this case, the graphics card draws power from the motherboard slot. And motherboard slots cannot provide enough power to the card.

Sometimes, the PSU is small or old and cannot provide sufficient power to the GPU. As a result, the GPU becomes an underpowered electronic device that does not work properly. Such a GPU is not only at risk of burning itself or the power supply but also loses its performance degrading the graphics quality. 

Does GPU Come With PSU Cables & When? |

Simply put, you can never experience fast and smooth gaming using such a GPU. It will also decrease the textures and graphics quality. Such a GPU may not allow you to connect dual or more display monitors. Rendering and exporting videos will take much more time when using an underpowered GPU.


Power cables are very important for GPUs. Old and rusty power cables affect the GPU performance and permanently damage it if connected to the wrong pins. Not all graphic cards have power connectors. Some of them get their required power from the PCIe slots on motherboards. GPU power cables come with the computer’s PSU, or you must buy them separately according to your GPU.

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