Are External GPUs Worth It? Answered

Are External GPUs Worth It These Days? Answered |

The constantly evolving world of computing raises the question of whether the external GPUs justify their cost.

No, external GPUs are not worth it as they can not compete with the graphics cards in desktop computers. Put simply, the GPUs in desktops are way more powerful than GPUs. It is a false belief that such GPUs significantly increase the performance of your graphics-related apps and games.

You should prefer buying a gaming laptop instead of purchasing an external GPU for your laptop. But if you want high performance and efficiency, you must build a desktop computer with a powerful graphics card in it. eGPU is only recommended for laptops that have a very small built-in GPU.

External Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are becoming ever more popular among those who want to up their computer’s graphical capacity without buying a new machine altogether. An eGPU is a graphics card connected to a laptop or desktop computer through a cable rather than installing it internally. 

Undoubtedly the chief benefit of eGPUs over internal GPUs is the potential to better their performance. It is because eGPUs frequently possess more might than the embedded graphics cards found in laptops and smaller PCs. 

This additional power is advantageous for gaming, video editing, and other visually-taxing tasks. The precise performance boost will depend on the particular eGPU being used and the computer’s configuration. 

Are External GPUs Worth It These Days? Answered |

eGPU Has A Risky Setup

The graphics card in a desktop computer is installed on the motherboard. They are present inside a safe computer case for the rest of their lives. On the other hand, the eGPUs are present outside the computer near the laptop without any case to protect them.

Accidents like spilling a conductive liquid, such as water or milk, can easily affect them. They also have a risk of being accidentally damaged by pets, kids, and yourself. The external power supply is at risk as well. It is also a risk of electric shock for you and your family.

External Graphics Cards Are Expensive

External graphics cards are the same cards that are used in a computer system. These cards are attached to an external PCIe slot that connects to your motherboard via a USB cable. Because there are fewer competitors of GPU manufacturers, GPUs are expensive because of low competition.

Moreover, graphics cards are not produced in massive quantities, as new technology is always waiting. Scalping is another major reason why external GPUs are expensive. Settlers gather GPUs, create an artificial market shortage, and sell them according to their own prices.

Are External GPUs Worth It These Days? Answered |

Laptop Power Supplies Don’t Provide Enough Power To eGPUs

The mini PCIe slots that connect an external GPU to a laptop can provide a maximum of 3.3 volts. This power is insufficient for most of the powerful GPUs. Hence, it can easily burn out your graphics card. The only solution is to power it using an external power supply unit that is compatible with it.

Are External GPUs Better Than Internal? 

External GPUs are not better than internal GPUs because they indirectly connect with the motherboard. At the same time, the internal GPU has a direct connection with the GPU, making it more efficient and free from any input lag. That is why I always consider PCs with internal GPUs. 

In some laptop, there are internal GPUs that helps to maintain the graphics and display. There could be integrated GPUs in your laptop’s processor. But these integrated GPUs have the worst performance even with the external GPU.

Will External GPU Increases FPS?

No doubt FPS depends on GPU performance. So, if you didn’t have any GPU previously installed on your PC or laptop, then an external GPU will boost your overall performance. On the other hand, if you have a GPU installed on your PC, it might not affect the FPS. 

Moreover, it also depends on the capacity of VRAM of the GPU. If your external GPU has more VRAM than your internal GPU, it might dramatically boost your FPS. But most of the external GPUs are connected to the laptop through a USB port which is not a reliable way to connect a GPU.

Are External GPUs Worth It These Days? Answered |

Pros & Cons Of External GPU

Pros Cons
They allow you to connect multiple monitors with a single computer. These are expensive to set up for your laptop.
eGPUs are portable as you can carry them away with your laptop. eGPU requires an external power supply and an adapter that adds into your electricity expenses.
It gives your PC a significant FPS boost is used with existing GPU.  
Allow you better gaming and more stable work.   


External GPUs have the potential to boost laptop performance, but are they truly worthwhile compared to desktop GPUs? In some circumstances, the benefit of an eGPU is outweighed by the risks associated with its external setup, its hefty price tag and the need for additional power supply. 

That being said, if you’re seeking improved laptop graphical capabilities or portability, an eGPU may be worth the investment. Ultimately, the choice is personal, so it’s best to contemplate the pros and cons of an eGPU before deciding.

If your laptop has an internal dedicated GPU, you can increase its performance by adding an external GPU. Moreover, if your PC has one GPU installed and no space for the second one, you can install an external GPU to get the FPS boost. External GPU has both advantages and disadvantages. You have to consider the GPU after thorough research.

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