How Do I Fix My RGB Keyboard Not Lighting Up?

How Do I Fix My RGB Keyboard Not Lighting Up? |

Keyboards with RGB lights are the favorite choice of gamers nowadays, and sometimes, they can cause backlit issues that can be resolved quickly.

These RGB Keyboards are built-in with backlit lights or separate LEDs in switches that feature the basic combinations of red, green, and blue (RGB) colors that make the other colors. The keyboard looks more appealing, but sometimes, malfunctions or tweaks in settings can cause the lights not to cause issues.

In today’s article, we will show you how you can quickly fix your RGB keyboard backlit or LEDs not lighting up due to malfunctions, tweaks, or settings issues. We will also discuss the possible solutions using different methods, so let’s get into this topic without wasting any more time.

How Do I Fix My RGB Keyboard Not Lighting Up?

First, ensure your keyboard features RGB lights or has a backlit component. You can easily fix these lighting-up issues by using the keyboard application, fixing your settings or tweaks, changing or increasing the brightness levels, updating the input drivers, or running the keyboard diagnosis.

Sometimes, without panicking. Plugging out and plugging in the keyboard while restarting the system fixes many lighting-up issues for many users, and Windows diagnosis from the manual also resolves the detection problems. Still, most of the mechanical RGB keyboards have tricky tweak settings.

These keyboard tweaks can be modified and adjusted according to the requirements, and sometimes, some dysfunctionalities can cause your keyboard to lose lighting, which can be frustrating for gamers because they like to game in low light using the RGB feature, making the setup more appealing.

Here are some possible problems with your backlit or LED switches. The simple, easy methods to resolve these issues are mentioned below, but remember, before diagnosing any type, make sure your keyboard has been plugged in correctly. Your computer’s USB ports are working.

How Do I Fix My RGB Keyboard Not Lighting Up? |

Brightness Levels

An RGB backlit keyboard contains a combination of different lights in LED forms that glow the symbols on the keys, which helps to navigate the keys more efficiently in low light. These key prints are made in transparent forms to illuminate better, which also looks cool for gaming components.

Some keyboards with a backlit option or LED lights will have a brightness control option, too, which can be unintentionally reduced by pressing the keys, which can confuse the user. These levels can be accessed by the keyboard’s shortcut keys mentioned in the manual, and fixing them is pretty easy.

How Do I Fix My RGB Keyboard Not Lighting Up? |

  • How To Fix It?

Try increasing your keyboard brightness by pressing the Fn + “Up” Arrow shortcut keys. If that doesn’t work, try reducing or changing the effects using the Fn key features to ensure the backlit works properly. Still, if nothing happens, you’re keyboard probably has some kind of hardware malfunction.

Some keyboards have applications that feature brightness and color combination controls; you can also try those utility applications to increase your Keyboard’s brightness to check if that feature is even working appropriately and ensure the feature is not Disabled in the settings.

How Do I Fix My RGB Keyboard Not Lighting Up? |

Hardware Malfunction

Most gamers simply gaming rage on their keyboards after losing a round or rage quitting the game. It is frustrating and not recommended because it will break something inside the keyboard.

Suppose your keyboard is damaged due to some impact. In that case, voltage fluctuations cause something to malfunction, or your keyboard lights are plugged out due to a physical impact or rage, the only way to fix it is by seeking the help of an electronic technician. Changing the fused LED lights or components will resolve.

  • How To Fix It?

Before seeking any professional help, you can also inspect for yourself by opening the back of your keyboard to check if something is plugged out or damaged in the backlit area or if you see any burnt marks and fused LEDs that need replacement, sometimes only plugs can cause issues that you can easily change.

Also, ensure your USB ports work properly by plugging in the mouse, USB flash drive, or other input device. Change the keyboard’s USB port and try rebooting your system because input devices usually require a reboot to properly detect and function.

How Do I Fix My RGB Keyboard Not Lighting Up? |

Keyboard Application

Most branded mechanical keyboards with RGB backlit have utility software that helps control them, apply different mechanics and various designs, and modify additional tweak settings. This software works in real-time to apply those settings and sometimes can cause some dysfunctionalities.

This software sometimes doesn’t work properly due to corrupt files or missing downloads; it can also cause issues while applying the settings if the system is not properly detecting the keyboard or the model is not selected accordingly in the modification tab. You can also add or remove the modified binds.

  • How To Fix It?

Making the keyboard settings Default will work to fix issues; all you need to do is download and install the software of your brand from their official site, just like Bloody’s KeyDominator 2 is shown below. After the installation, run the application utility and head to the configuration settings.

Remove any macro modifications or backlit settings that can intervene with your RGB or brightness controls. Try changing the brightness from the software settings if the feature is available; also, change the lightning tweak settings because sometimes these tweaks can trigger the lights to turn off. 

How Do I Fix My RGB Keyboard Not Lighting Up? |

Input Drivers

Drivers play a crucial role in your Windows utilities that help your devices detect, connect, and work without causing any trouble. These devices can only operate with your Windows after the driver is appropriate and updated to detect them. Sometimes, un-updated or missing drives can cause these types of abnormalities.

These abnormalities can block out some of the features of your input device, such as the keyboard’s RGB lights, because it uses the sensory system to activate the command of backlit. So, ensure you have installed the right updated input drivers to detect the keyboard device.

  • How To Fix It?

Locate and run the “Device Manager” in the Windows search bar, and you will see all the devices and their drivers’ information mentioned in detail. Now, click the icon with a monitor and magnifying glass mentioned as “Scan for hardware changes.” It will automatically detect and install the required drivers your Windows is missing.

If you are still facing driver issues only for the keyboard device, click on the arrow beside “Keyboards,” it will draw all the keyboard drivers installed in your system. Right-click on each driver and select Update the driver option. Now, in the menu, select the “Search automatically for drivers” option for it to detect, download, and update from the internet.

How Do I Fix My RGB Keyboard Not Lighting Up? |

Keyboard Troubleshooter

The latest Windows 10 and 11 versions feature different troubleshooting elements to easily resolve and prevent these issues. The troubleshooter automatically detects and resolves the issue by downloading updates and required files to make the input or output device work accordingly.

  • How To Fix It?

Open the Windows settings from the taskbar or use the Win + I shortcut key; now head to the Update & Security and open the Troubleshoot tab. Go to Additional Troubleshooters, scroll down, and select Keyboard. You will see the Run the troubleshooter option below. Click on it, and it will automatically detect and resolve the problems.

How Do I Fix My RGB Keyboard Not Lighting Up? |


RGB Keyboards are not lighting up due to some hardware malfunction that can be fixed by replacing or repairing the required components and plugging the keyboard from the system. Plugging it again in some other USB port while rebooting the computer. Updating the keyboard drives will also resolve many accessibility settings.

You can also use your keyboard’s brand software to modify and change the brightness or color settings. Factory reset will help, but properly install the application utility from the official website and remove any other third-party applications that can interfere with the settings.

Also, try using the keyboard’s shortcut keys (Fn + Arrow Keys) to modify its brightness and color combination settings to ensure the backlit function works and has no hardware malfunction. If it does, seeking the help of an electronic technician who knows about mechanical and RGB keyboards is recommended.

You can also use Windows Troubleshooter to detect any abnormalities in the settings or drivers that automatically detect and resolve the problem using the network to download and install the required updates and drivers. Windows features plug-and-play to automatically detect and install or activate that drive, but sometimes manual configuration is needed.

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