Does High FPS Make You A Better Player?

Does High FPS Make You A Better Player? |

If you are hungry for more FPS, then this post is tailor-made for you. It’s significant in the gaming business whether striving to obtain higher frames per second in games helps or whether it’s a useless speech. 

FPS and your hardware have a deep connection. Here, I will give you a thorough guide on increasing FPS and becoming a pro in your games.

In this article, we will delve deeper to see if having a higher FPS will be beneficial or painful in overall gaming performance. We shall solve this question and provide you with better tricks and cautions. Let’s uncover the tactic’s secret insights to become a top-tier player!

Does High FPS Make You A Better Player?

A high FPS directly affects your gaming and increases your in-game performance. FPS (frames per second) refers to the number of frames a game can produce in a second. That is why the more frames produced by the game, the smoother the game will be. It will help you be competitive. 

FPS, or frames per second, is very important for gamers because it affects the game’s response rate and controls. Low frame rates produce delays in the game, resulting in low performance. FPS plays a crucial role in multiplayer gameplay, as you need to be faster and more accurate than your competitor to beat them.

For modern games, 60 FPS is considered more than average, and 120 FPS is considered the best frame rate. However, some gamers built beast PCs to get up to 144 FPS to ensure an even smoother and more responsive gaming experience. Here are a few perspectives on how FPS makes gameplay better.


A higher frame rate (FPS) makes your game more responsive and fast, ultimately improving overall gaming performance and experience. With a higher frame rate, your character will move smoother and more fluidly, which will make easily for you to control. 

Moreover, a higher frame rate reduces input lag, defined as the delay between actions and the game response. It means that your response rate will increase, and you can react more quickly, which will give you an advantage over other players. 

Does High FPS Make You A Better Player? |

Visual Clarity

Visual clarity depends on the pixels and, secondarily, on the frame rate per second (FPS). A higher frame rate increases the overall clarity when gems are running. More frames per second mean the image refresh rate is much higher, making the visual smoother and reducing the motion blur. It makes seeing and reacting fast in games easier, where split-second decisions can make all the difference.

Hardware Requirements

In gaming, it is worth noting that achieving a high FPS rate requires more powerful hardware. If your computer or console doesn’t have powerful resources and cannot handle a high frame rate, you may experience performance issues such as lag or stuttering.

It will negatively affect your gaming performance. Therefore, having a higher FPS requires powerful hardware. Low-powered hardware will not automatically make you a battery player. 

Does High FPS Make You A Better Player? |

Game Type

Yes, the type of game you are playing affects the FPS, contributing to the overall gaming performance. For instance, in first-person shooter games, a higher FPS rate helps you react quicker than the enemy, which gives you an advantage in movement and aiming. However, the FPS doesn’t matter much in slower-paced games like strategy-based games.

What Is The Best Way To Get High FPS?

A higher FPS is essential to getting the most out of your gaming performance. How smoothly the game runs and how fast the visuals are updated is determined. The higher the FPS, the smoother and more responsive your game will and more responsive it will become. 

Upgrade Your Hardware

Upgrading your hardware is the first and most obvious way to get high FPS. It includes your GPU (graphics card), CPU (central processing unit), and RAM. These are the primary hardware components that support your gaming, and upgrading them makes a huge difference in FPS. 

The latest hardware is the best performance in modern games. A high-end graphics card is especially crucial for high FPS gaming. 

Does High FPS Make You A Better Player? |

Lower Game Settings

If you have low-end hardware and cannot upgrade, lowering game settings will significantly improve your FPS. Turning down the graphics settings, reducing the resolution, and disabling unnecessary effects will help boost your FPS. 

Moreover, FPS also depends on the frequencies of your hardware, like the hertz of your RAM, CPU, and GPU. Lowering your game settings can consume the least amount of low-end hardware. 


Overclocking is the process of enhancing overall performance by increasing the existing frequencies of your hardware components beyond their manufactured limits. It increases the default value of your hardware, making it more than the default. 

Three components can be overclocked to get more FPS: your GPU, CPU, and RAM. All these components can be overclocked using the right technique. Just be sure that these components in your PC support overclocking. Because the wrong overclocking results in an unstable PC leading to worse performance.

Does High FPS Make You A Better Player? |

Close Unnecessary Background Apps

Unnecessary apps in the background consume resources, which leads to low performance. As background apps consume more CPU and GPU resources; as a result, your in-game FPS drops. That is why you should always remove and close unnecessary background apps.

Just press the “Ctrl+Alt_Del” key simultaneously to open the task manager. Here select the unnecessary app and press “End Task.” 

Does High FPS Make You A Better Player? |

Does FPS Help In Aiming?

Knowing that the FPS alone doesn’t help with aiming is important. No doubt, FPS improves the overall gaming experience and makes gameplay smooth. It can improve the response time; if you are good at aiming, it will help you get your enemy quickly. 

A higher FPS will also improve the visual quality of gaming, leading to clear shots and enemy views. Moreover, aiming is a skill that involves factors such as hand-eye coordination. If you have both, then you will get the best results. 

Moreover, FPS helps improve your situational awareness. FPS can give you more detailed information about the situation. Ultimately, the impact of FPS on aiming depends on the individual player and the game they are playing. Higher FPS improves their aim, while others may not notice much of a difference.

Is 90 FPS Better Than 60 FPS?

There is a significant difference between 90 and 60 FPS; no doubt 90 FPS gives you more gaming performance than 60 FPS. Each piece of hardware has the capability to deliver FPS. If you use an amazing GPU with a powerful processor, you will get more FPS.

The frame rate also depends on the monitor you are using and the refresh rate of your monitor. Refresh rate is also the number of times per second your monitor refreshes. If your monitor is 60 Hertz, it will deliver a maximum of 60 FPS. Even if your monitor is 60 hertz and you use an amazing graphics card, you will get 60 FPS maximum. 

Does High FPS Make You A Better Player? |

Can You Play a Competitive Match With 60 FPS?

If you are playing a strategic game, 60 FPS is more than enough, but if you are playing a third-person shooting game, 60 FPS is below average. As we know, a higher frame rate gives a smoother display and leads to better performance. In a third-person shooter, more FPS means better odds. 

But it also depends on the skills you have. If you are an expert in first-person shooting games, then you will manage to play even at 60 FPS, but it will be a bit harder for you to play. But low FPS will result in low performance if you don’t have many skills.

In competitive matches, higher FPS is required to get smoother gameplay and defeat the enemy. In such games, FPS is the biggest advantage someone can take. If your FPS is high, your response time will be higher, and your visuals will be clear. 

If your hardware is low-end, it will not get much FPS, and the average of your FPS will not exceed more than 60 or sometimes 40. So, if you are looking for a way to increase the FPS, then upgrade your hardware. 

How To Calculate FPS of Any Game?

All modern games have the option of an FPS overlay or a game detail overlay. This overlay contains all the information, like the processor temperature, CPU usage, and FPS. This feature helps you determine the exact amount of FPS you are playing at and identify any problems if you are facing FPS drops. 

Moreover, a few applications help you determine the FPS and give you an FPS overlay, like some recording applications. Some graphics cards also have built-in applications to show you the FPS, temperature, and other relevant details.

Does High FPS Make You A Better Player? |

What Is The Highest FPS in The World?

A group of scientists from the Universities of Oxford and Glasgow achieved the highest FPS thus far, which is 10 trillion FPS, in 2018. Compressed ultrafast photography (CPU) captures incredibly fast phenomena that occur in a fraction of a second. 

Such an amount of FPS is rare to get on a normal gaming PC. It is because you will need ultra-fast hardware to achieve this. A normal person cannot bear the cost of such hardware. That is why most gamers prefer high-end CPUs and GPUs with normal costs. 

Moreover, if you are considering getting more FPS, you should switch to upgraded hardware, which is one of the best solutions to getting more FPS in games. There are many other factors, including overclocking, but the hardware is the most basic.


FPS plays a significant role in gaming and affects the game’s overall performance. A high FPS rate can increase the responsiveness of your game, reduce input lag, and improve visual clarity, whereas a low FPS rate can result in stuttering and slowdowns. 

You can increase your FPS by upgrading your hardware, reducing your game settings, overclocking your components, and closing any unnecessary background applications. FPS alone does not aid in aiming, but it can enhance situational awareness, reaction time, and visual quality, making it easier to aim. 90 FPS is superior to 60 FPS and is recommended for competitive gaming. 

You can calculate the FPS of any game using FPS overlays or recording applications. The highest frame rate in the world is 10 trillion frames per second, which can only be attained with ultrafast hardware. 

If possible, you should upgrade your hardware to increase your FPS in games. Higher FPS can help you become a better player and enhance your gaming performance.

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