Is 8GB RAM Enough for Windows 11? Here is the Answer!

Is 8GB RAM Enough for Windows 11? |


Is 8GB RAM Enough for Windows 11? That’s the big question that flashes to your mind if you think to upgrade from Windows 10 to 11. So as Windows 11 is the latest operating system it also requires high hardware upgrades. These upgrades include RAM too.

RAM is the key component of your motherboard that gives instant access to your applications and programs by providing cache storage. Therefore, it’s important to have an adequate amount of RAM in your system so that it can handle demanding tasks. In addition, RAM allows your system to load applications quickly and run them smoothly. 

Is 8GB RAM Enough for Windows 11?

If you are planning to upgrade your RAM to install Windows 11, then 8GB of RAM is more than enough. According to Microsoft, the minimum requirement for Windows 11 is less than 8GB of RAM. So, 8GB will give you plenty of headroom to run the new operating system without issues.

There are many ways to help your computer run faster with new Windows. One of the most common and effective ways is to upgrade your RAM. It is the memory used by your computer to store data that it’s currently working on. In addition, this feature helps Widows to run programs in its firmware. 

8GB RAM is enough to support Windows 11 cache and firmware. No doubt, firmware is directly run through ROM, but RAM supports the executable codes to run the program. It also enables the ROM to run the firmware. More RAM means more space and a smooth process. 

In laptops with 8GB RAM, you must have two cores 64-Bit processor, or a System on a Chip (SoC). Your laptop also has a TPM version 2.0 minimum. If your laptop lacks any of these features, you won’t be able to install and use Windows 11. 

How 8GB RAM Will Support Windows 11?

The release of Windows 11 is just around the corner, and with it comes a whole host of new features and improvements. One of the most significant changes in this new version is compatible with more memory without unusable memory (RAM) issues.

8GB RAM will also allow you to take advantage of the new ‘memory compression’ feature in Windows 11. This feature will compress your computer’s memory usage, so even if you have a lot of programs open, it will reduce your overall memory usage.

Here are some key features of 8GB RAM with Windows 11:

Tasks  8GB RAM For Windows 11
Firmware Support Helps to run it smoothly.
Low profile gaming Windows 11 with 8GB RAM supports all sorts of low-profile gaming. 
Medium Video Editing You can perform low to medium video editing.

This is a big change from the previous limit of 4GB RAM, and it means that you’ll be able to take full advantage of all the new features in Windows 11 without worrying about your computer’s memory resources. You’ll be able to run more programs simultaneously without any slowdown. 

Each program will have its dedicated portion of memory, so there’ll be no competition for resources. It also means that you’ll be able to run more demanding programs without any issues. So, if you’re a power user who likes to multitask, 8GB RAM will be a welcome upgrade.

How To Test My RAM Supports Windows 11 or Not?

There are a few ways to test whether or not your RAM will support Windows 11. The easiest way is to check the manufacturer’s website. They should have specific information on which versions of Windows their RAM is compatible with. As there you will find the general requirement there.

Another way to test compatibility is by downloading and running the Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK). This tool tests hardware devices for compatibility with Windows 11 and provides a report that you can use to determine if your device is compatible.

The third way is through Windows update settings. These settings automatically evaluate whether your PC supports Windows 11 or not. Go to the Windows search bar, type Windows update settings, and open them. Here you will find the error in the upper right corner, whether your PC supports the update or not.  

Is 8GB RAM Enough for Windows 11? Here is the Answer! |

Does Upgrading to Windows 11 With 8GB RAM Slow Down Your Computer?

We all know that upgrading to a new version of Windows can sometimes be a pain. You have to update all your drivers, but you also have to deal with the potential for slower performance. If your computer system isn’t capable of the minimum requirements, you will face a slowdown, laggy performance, and more errors.

If you’re upgrading from an older version of Windows with 4GB RAM or less, then you will definitely see a performance boost with 8GB RAM. However, if you’re already running Windows 10 with 8GB RAM, then the upgrade to Windows 11 may not provide much of a speed increase.

You may be thinking about what you should do not if your PC performance is down after installing Windows 11, even with 8GB RAM. Upgrading your RAM is not the solution because your RAM is more than the minimum 4GB requirement. It’s your processor or motherboard that isn’t capable of supporting Windows 11. 

Windows 11 Hardware Requirements

Microsoft has released Windows 11, its next operating system. So, the question arises what will be the hardware requirements for this upcoming operating system? The company has not officially announced anything yet, but some reports suggest that 4GB RAM will be the minimum requirement for this OS.

There are various reasons why 4GB RAM will be the minimum requirement for Windows 11. Firstly, it is because this upcoming OS will be more resource-intensive as compared to its predecessors. In addition, it will come with a lot of new features and improvements, which will require more memory to run smoothly.

Secondly, Microsoft is also planning to introduce a new file system in Windows 11, which will be more efficient and faster than the existing NTFS file system. However, this new file system will also require more RAM in order to work properly.


8GB RAM is enough for Windows 11 if you’re just a casual user. If you’re a power user who likes to multitask, then 8GB RAM will definitely be a worthy upgrade. If you’re upgrading from an older version of Windows with 4GB RAM or less, you will see a performance boost with 8GB RAM. RAM supports multitasking, Windows cache, programs, and temporary files. More RAM means more space and amazing performance. 

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