Does PSU come with SATA cable? YES, BUT…

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

Are you looking for the information on does PSU comes with SATA cable? Before buying a new power supply unit (PSU), it is essential to know whether you have to buy the cable separately or not. But most of the time, it does come along with the PSU so that you can easily install and use them together.

In the early introduction of SATA cables, PSU packages also came with Molex to SATA converters. However, as SATA gained popularity and became the standard for connecting storage devices to PCs, most manufacturers eventually dropped this converter from their PSU packages. 

But in the latest PSUs, the SATA cables are permanent. These cables emerge directly from the power supply, and you can connect the SATA-supported devices directly with them. This way minimizes the risk of short circuits due to loose connections or interrupted current supply. 

Does PSU come with SATA cable?

All the latest power supplies are equipped with SATA cables and have only one or two Molex connections. It is because all new motherboards support only SATA devices like hard drives, SSDs, fans, etc. Even new RGB fans and lights are also SATA supported. That’s why all PSU comes with SATA cables.

10 Best PSU That Comes With SATA Cable: 

Here we will take a look at some of the best PSUs that come with SATA cables. Overall, these power supplies are durable and reliable, making them great for everyday use. Here’s the list of the 10 best PSUs with SATA cables.

1. Corsair RMx Series

These supplies have 850W fully modular power Supplies. In addition, these power supplies come with detachable 7 to 8 SATA cables. These SATA cables are easy to replace. That’s why these supplies are the best choice if you want to connect multiple fans and devices. 

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

2. Thermaltake Smart Pro 850W Bonze

These are also fully modular active PFC PSU with up to 10 years of warranty. PFC means having a switching regulator capable of generating a theoretical power factor of over 95% using a high switching frequency. These power supplies also come with detachable 9 SATA with a 5-pin configuration.

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

3. EVGA SuperNOVA 

These supplies have a wide range of fully modular NVIDIA SLI and Crossfire ready Bronze power supplies. It means you can connect multiple graphic cards with this PSU. EVGA SuperNova series has 13 total power outputs at the back of the power supply, including 5 SATA cable connections. 

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

4. CORSAIR HXi Series

The best thing about Corsair is the multiple card power supplies. They offer 6 SATA, 1 ATX, and 2 PCI power cables. Unfortunately, these 2 PCI cables cannot connect multiple cards without any power divergent. The box also contains some extra SATA power cables for later use. 

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

5. Straight Power 11

The Straight Power 11 750W is an 80 PLUS Gold-certified device, reaching up to 93% efficiency, which is amazingly high. These Power supplies come with Six-peripheral devices, including SATA. With 6-PCI connectors, it is used by many gamers to crossfire their graphic cards. 

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

6. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand

Thermaltake Toughpower comes in two variants. One is 850W, and the other is 1200W. Both are powerful enough to support up to 4 SATA and 6 PCI devices. Best choice if you are looking for a budget PSU with multiple SATA and PCI options. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand is also called RGB power supply due to its customized RGB fan.  


Budget-friendly 700W and 600W power supplies that comes with 5 non-detachable SATA cables. It is also CrossFire 80 PLUS GOLD certified full modular active PFC power supply. It means you can also use it for multiple graphic card crossfire. Due to this ability, it has been widely used by miners. 

8. FSP Hydro G Pro

It is also known as Gammer’s choice. The 850Watt Gamer series 80 Plus Gold-Certified power supply has 5 SATA connections, and you can also use 2 CPU slots as SATA slots. It also offers 4 PCI and 1 ATX for the motherboard. The auto-sensing allows PSU to control fan speed according to temperature.

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

9. Cooler Master V750 Gold

It is called a Semi-Fan less power supply due to its quiet fan. You can actively use the semi-fan-less mode with a hybrid switch. V750 Gold offers 4 SATA options at its power output and has 10 years of warranty. If you are looking for a budget gaming power supply, V750 Gold is the best option.

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

10. Corsair AX Series

The Corsair AXseries is the best gaming power monster. Professionals recommend these supplies for the ultimate power experience. Gives you access to 6 SATA and 6 PCI devices. Best for multiple device connections like graphic cards, SSDs and HDDs. 

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

Some KeyPoints:

Sr. No Power Supply SATA Power Cables Other Features
1.  Corsair RMx Series 850W fully moduled
2.  Thermaltake Smart Pro 850W Bonze PFC PSU with up to 10 years of warranty
3. EVGA SuperNOVA  Support crossfire
4. CORSAIR HXi Series Best for crossfire.
5. Straight Power 11 Six Peripheral Devices.
6. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 850 and 1200 W supplies.
8. FSP Hydro G Pro Auto-sensing for Fan speed.
9. Cooler Master V750 Gold 10 Years Warranty.
10. Corsair AX Series Best for multiple devices.

Benefits of PSU With SATA Cable:

There are numerous benefits of having the SATA cable with your PSU. Some of them are listed below:

Essay To Setup:

  • First of all, it makes installation easier because you just have to buy a PSU and connect all the SATA devices directly to PSU without any converter. 

Improves Performance:

  • Secondly, using SSDs that use SATA cables improves performance, and they are easy to set up. 

Connect Multiple Devices:

  • Connects multiple devices at one time without using any external converters. These devices may be multiple graphic cards or peripheral devices. 

Vast Compatibility:

  • Supports all the latest devices, including RGBs, SSDs, Fans, and Hard drives. This feature of the SATA power supply makes them more demanded in the market.  

Reusable Cables:

  • It also comes in handy when you want to upgrade or replace your old PSU because you can just use the same SATA cable that came with it.


  • SATA power supplies are cost-effective because you don’t have to buy extra power cables or convert to connect your SATA peripheral devices. Just one PSU manages it all for you.

Overall, having the SATA cable included with your PSU is great because it saves you money and time. It is also very convenient to use, making upgrading or replacing your old PSU much easier.  So if you are looking for a new PSU, make sure to check if it comes with the SATA cable already. It will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

What To Do If My PSU doesn’t have any SATA cable? 

If your PSU doesn’t have any SATA cables you can use other options like SATA converters. These converters allow you to convert Molex or other cable types to connect to the SATA. These SATA converters are the best option if you want to connect multiple devices at once. Here is the list of some converters:

1. Molex to SATA Converter: 

If you use an old power supply, you may have only Molex cables instead of SATA cables. This Molex does supply the exact 12v required by the SATA cables. But you can not plug them into SATA devices. So here comes the Molex to SATA converters. These converters allow you to connect Molex to SATA directly. 

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

2. USB To SATA Converters:

If your power supply cables are engaged and don’t have any SATA connections, these USB to SATA converters are the best option. This USB to SATA converter includes both the power and data cable capability. 

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

3. SATA Adapters:

SATA adapters are the external power source for your extra devices like SATA fans, hard drives, or SSDs. These adapters resemble the laptop charging adapters and come with the Molex end. You can use y-Shape moles to SATA converting cables to connect this adapter with multiple devices. 

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

4. 4-Pin PCI to SATA:

Most of the latest PSUs contain more than 2 PCI power supply ports. These ports are extra if you have only one graphic card. You can use these ports for connecting the SATA power cables. These 4-Pin PCI to SATA converters are the best option in this case. 

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

5. 6-Pin PCI to SATA

Like the 4-Pin PCI to SATA connectors, there are 6-Pin PCI to SATA connectors. You can use these if you have a few extra 6-Pin PCI connectors. These connectors may have multiple SATA power ends. They are best for connecting many devices as they have more power than a simple power cable.

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |

6. HD PPM to SATA Converter:

If your power supply has an extra 10-Pin PPM connection, you can use it for a SATA power cable connection. This PPM connector is fixed on a circuit board to support the wiring, making it reliable and safe to use in the computer case. It is also covered with insulation.  

Does PSU come with SATA cable? |


If your PSU does not have any SATA cables, there are a variety of options available to you. You can use Molex to SATA converters, USB to SATA converters, SATA adapters, or 4-pin PCI to SATA converters. Each option has its own advantages. So it is important to carefully consider all the options before making a decision about which one to use. 

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