How To Remove Vertical Lines All Over Screen? SOLVED

How To Remove Vertical Lines All Over Screen? |

Computer screens are one of a computer system’s most important output devices. Without them, we cannot see what’s happening inside a PC or laptop. These display monitors or screens are fragile from the outside and inside. Hence, being careless can cause different problems regarding them.

Since the computer screens are computer hardware, they can have different issues. This topic will discuss the causes behind the vertical lines all over the screen and how to eliminate them. We will also discuss the other aspects of computer screens. So, without any delays, let’s start our topic.

How To Remove Vertical Lines All Over Screen?

The other reasons behind the vertical lines on your computer screen can be the wrong refresh rate, short circuits, permanently damaged screen, damaged or faulty HDMI cable, incompatible or inaccurate video card, etc. Some of these issues are permanent, and some can be resolved.

How To Remove Vertical Lines All Over Screen? |

If you use the Windows operating system, the problem is in the Windows 10/11 settings. The high refresh rate is most likely causing these vertical lines all over the screen on your display monitor. To remove them, go to “Display Settings.” And then “Advances Display Settings” to reduce the refresh rate.

The display screen of your laptop or desktop computer monitor can be short from the inside, so it has vertical lines all over it. To remove these annoying vertical lines, you must shut down your computer and unplug its power cables. If it is a laptop, then you need to remove its battery.

You only need to flip it over and press the battery release latch, and the battery will unlock immediately. Do not force-pull the battery, as it can damage your laptop. Now, press your computer’s power button and hold it for 15 to 20 seconds. It will discharge the residual charge in your PC or laptop.

Now, fix your computer back and start it. The vertical lines all over the screen will be gone now. If not, then try this method. Your PC or laptop screen can be damaged, so you see irritating vertical lines on it. In this case, you will need a more technical person for fixings.

How To Remove Vertical Lines All Over Screen? |

To check if the screen of your display monitor is physically damaged or not, unplug its HDMI cable from the back of your PC. Now, wait until you see a message saying, “No signal detected.” Observe if the vertical lines are still present all over the screen of your monitor. If yes, then your monitor screen is damaged.

See if your display monitor is still under warranty or not. If it is not, then you will either have to take your monitor for service or you will have to purchase a new one. But if the warranty is not void, you can take it to the vendor or where you bought it to get it repaired.

But before this, go to the factory settings of your monitor and reset them. After doing this, the vertical lines will be removed from all over the screen. If they do not, something hard has hit your display monitor’s screen, such as a ball, toy, etc., or your monitor was dropped on the floor.

  • Damaged HDMI
    A damaged HDMI cable can also cause annoying vertical lines all over the screen of your display monitor. Sometimes, the culprit is your graphics card or GPU (graphics processing unit). You can quickly solve the problem by changing the HDMI cable. But in the case of the graphics card, update the drivers first.
  • Outdated Drivers
    Firstly, you should always download and install the device drivers for your graphics card from the official website. It is because the drivers your operating system installs for you are only the basic version, so you can use your display screen. It is also possible that your device drivers need an update.
  • Incompatible GPU
    Your graphics card may be incompatible with your display monitor, so you see vertical lines on its screen. We hope that someone has played a prank on you and that these vertical lines are nothing but wallpaper. You can eliminate these vertical lines all over the screen by changing them.
  • Overclocking
    Disable the overclock from your UEFI or BIOS. You may have overclocked your computer hardware, and now you are seeing horizontal lines on the screen of your display monitor. Every monitor has its limits to operate on a specific frequency. Only gaming monitors can survive overclocking. 
  • Faulty RAM
    Faulty RAM or memory modules can also be a problem behind the vertical lines on your display monitor’s screen. You can fix this issue by finding the defective memory module. You will have to shut down your computer and remove all the RAM. Then, place each RAM individually until you install the faulty RAM.

How To Remove Vertical Lines All Over Screen? |

Sometimes, the BIOS settings regarding the power can cause vertical lines all over the screen. You can try different power settings or reset the UEFI or BIOS settings to solve this issue. That is because the BIOS is responsible for IO devices. We hope after doing this, your problem will be solved for good.

How Do I Fix Horizontal Lines on My Computer Screen?

There can be several causes behind the horizontal lines on your computer screen. The first and foremost cause can be physical damage. Some objects may have hit the screen of your computer, damaging it. If someone accidentally drops it, it can also damage the screen.

How To Remove Vertical Lines All Over Screen? |

In either case, you need to contact the technical personnel so they can repair your display monitor and remove the annoying horizontal lines on it. Usually, laptop screens can also be damaged, especially under pressure. You will need services from the repair center for this as well.

Overheating can also cause horizontal lines on the screen of your computer. If it is a laptop, you need to place it on a hard and even surface so its breathing holes can keep it cool by throwing the hot air outside. But if it is a monitor, you should switch it off for at least 15 minutes or half an hour.

If something is placed on the monitor, such as paper, a piece of cloth, etc., remove it. That is because your display monitor’s case has small holes for dissipating the heat out in the air. Suppose you close the excessive heat traps inside, making it overheated. As a result, you experience horizontal lines on it.

If different objects are placed around your monitor, move them away so your display monitor can have space to breathe. Keep the room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius because the computer hardware generates heat to make the area hotter and hotter.

If a heater in your room is near or facing the display monitor, change its direction. That is because it is possible that this heater is overheating your computer monitor, and you are experiencing horizontal lines on its screen. Remove any magnets placed around your monitor because they can be the culprits.

Wrong resolution can also be a problem behind the horizontal lines on your computer screen. You can adjust your resolution easily when using the Windows operating system. Right-click on your desktop and select “Display Settings” from the menu. Select the recommended resolution from the drop-down menu.

Do not try higher resolution because it can cause your computer monitor to blackout, saying, “Signal out of range.” That is because every display screen has a specific resolution and cannot work on more than that specification. If you have done this already, connect a high-resolution display to drop the resolution.

To ensure that the culprit is not your monitor but your computer system, you should connect your monitor to another computer to see if it still shows the horizontal lines on its screen. If it does, your display monitor has issues, but if it does not, the fault is in your computer. Try other refresh rates.

The faulty RAM or memory can cause vertical or horizontal lines on your computer screen. Try finding and removing the defective memory. First of all, close all the startup apps. After that, remove all the RAMs and try them one by one. We hope this is how you will find the memory module that is the culprit.

Your GPU or graphics card can also be a reason behind the horizontal lines on your computer monitor screen. First, update its drivers from its official website and observe if the horizontal lines appear. If the problem is not solved, try replacing your graphics card with another GPU to see if it is the leading cause.

Moreover, you can also run dead pixel removal videos available on YouTube. They scan all the pixels of your display monitor to fix any errors found in them.


Horizontal lines on the display monitor can be irritating, and it is difficult to identify the cause. It may come from your computer, RAM, GPU, or display monitor. You should go through each step to find the culprit and solve the problem. You can avoid these problems with proper maintenance in the future.

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