How do I Stop Images From Loading in Discord – Easy Fix

How do I stop images from loading in Discord |

Are you tired of having images load automatically in Discord? When images are loaded, they consume the space required to store them; when the images are displayed, they consume memory.

Many users don’t even know that there is a feature that allows them to stop the images from loading. Doing this will require the user’s permission to download and display the image in the discord channel. This feature can significantly help you if you are using a cellular connection.

This guide will show you how to disable autoloading of images and embedded link images in Discord.

How to Stop Images From Loading in Discord?

To stop the images from autoloading, disable the option from the “User Settings.” Open up Discord, and click on the “User Settings Icon” or the “Gear Icon”:
How do I stop images from loading in Discord |

Inside the User Settings, shift over to the “Text & Images” tab under the “APP SETTINGS” section:
How do I stop images from loading in Discord |

Inside the “Text & Images” settings, turn off the option for “When posted as a link” and “When uploaded directly to Discord”:
How do I stop images from loading in Discord |

This option will stop the images from auto-loading in Discord and save the user precious memory and storage space. To compare the difference between the two, then look at the two screenshots below:

How do I stop images from loading in Discord |
Before Disabling Image Loading
How do I stop images from loading in Discord |
After Disabling Image Loading

The difference is apparent when the image loading is disabled, and the image will not even be downloaded on your PC\ Browser or mobile, let alone be displayed in the chat. This method is exactly how this option can save you valuable memory and space.

What Causes Images to Auto-load in Discord?

Images auto-load in Discord due to enabling the “Load Images” or “Auto-Load Images” setting. By default, this setting is turned on, which means that images will automatically load in Discord as soon as they are sent to a channel.

If this setting is turned off, images will not automatically load, and users must click on the image to load it manually. Depending on the user’s preference, the user can adjust this setting in the User Settings or Server Settings.

This setting is to help reduce the amount of data used when using Discord, as images can use a significant amount of data if they are automatically loaded. By allowing users to control whether or not images are loaded, they have more control over their data usage and can avoid using too much data if they are on a limited data plan.

How to Disable Embeds and Images Preview in Links?

To disable this preview of embedded links and preview in links, head to the “Text & Image” from the “User Settings,” and disable the option “Show embeds links”:

How do I stop images from loading in Discord |

Another way to save more space and memory is to disable the embedded links sent into the discharge chat channels. These embedded messages often contain two different previews. One is a preview of the details of the website, and the other is a small preview of the image.

Doing the above-displayed step will turn off both previews associated with a link in the chat. When this option is left enabled, this is the display that the user gets in Discord’s text channel:

How do I stop images from loading in Discord |
With Embeds Preview Enabled

After this option has been disabled, then the display of the link will be:

How do I stop images from loading in Discord |
With Embeds Preview Disabled.

The embedded link display has been successfully disabled.

What are the Advantages of Having Auto-loading Enabled?

If you should enable the auto-loading feature or not, start with its advantages and disadvantages. After that, you can decide for yourself. Some of the major key benefits include:

  • Faster Load Times: When “auto-loading” is enabled, Discord automatically loads the images when connected to a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection. You will not have to wait for the loading to complete when you want to watch the images or videos.
  • Improved user experience: Auto-loading makes it easier to view media content in chats, which can improve the overall user experience on Discord. You can see images and videos without leaving the chat or waiting for them to load, making it a more seamless and convenient experience.
  • Saves time: With auto-loading, you won’t have to wait for images and videos to load before you can view them. This option can save you time and make it easier to keep up with conversations in Discord.

Auto-loading can improve the user experience on Discord and make viewing and sharing media content in chats easier, especially when you are not concerned about bandwidth, data usage, and storage space.

What are the Disadvantages of Having Auto-loading Enabled?

There are also some disadvantages to having auto-loading enabled in Discord:

  • Increased data usage: Auto-loading images and videos can increase data usage, especially if you’re using Discord on a mobile device with limited data, and this can be a problem for users with limited data plans or slow internet connections.
  • Reduced battery life: Loading images and videos in real-time can be demanding on your device’s battery, especially if you’re using Discord on a mobile device. This can reduce your device’s battery life, which can be a problem if you need to use it for a long time.
  • Slower performance: Auto-loading images and videos in real-time can be demanding on your device’s resources and slow down performance, especially if you’re using an older or less powerful device. This option can make using Discord more difficult or frustrating.
  • Increased storage usage: Auto-loading images and videos can increase usage, especially if you’re using Discord on a mobile device with limited storage, and this can cause you to run out of storage space and prevent you from saving other important files.

According to disadvantages, auto-loading can improve the user experience on Discord and make viewing and sharing media content in chats easier. It can also have some drawbacks, such as increased data usage, reduced battery life, slower performance, and increased storage usage.

How to Enable Age Restriction on Discord Channel? (Optional)

To enable age restriction on Discord Channels, head inside “Channel Settings” and Enable the “Age-Restriction” option.

Most of the time, when users disable the auto-loading, it is due to server users sending NSFW content in discord channels. Instead of disabling auto-loading, the server owner can put an age restriction on discord channels. To enable the age restriction on a discord channel in your server, follow the following steps:

Click on the “Gear Icon” next to the channel name which you want to restrict:
How do I stop images from loading in Discord |

Stay in the “Overview” tab and then scroll to the bottom:
How do I stop images from loading in Discord |

Enable the option “Age-Restricted Channel” and then click on the “Save Changes” button that will pop up at the bottom of the page:
How do I stop images from loading in Discord |

After the changes have been applied, when the user opens the channel, he will be prompted by this alert:

How do I stop images from loading in Discord |
The age restriction has been applied successfully.

How to Scan Direct Messages for Explicit Content?

To have Discord scan every message for explicit content, head inside the “User Settings” and turn on the “Keep me safe” option.

Suppose you wonder about receiving inappropriate content in direct messages and want to block that, too. Then, in that case, you can enable message scanning. What this will do is this will make Discord search every message that you receive for any explicit content. To do this, Click on the “Gear Icon” next to your profile:
How do I stop images from loading in Discord |

From the user settings, shift over to the “Privacy & Safety” tab:
How do I stop images from loading in Discord |

In the “Safe Direct Messaging,” select the “Keep me safe” option:How do I stop images from loading in Discord |

You have enabled message scanning for explicit content in Discord.

Wrap up

Stopping images from automatically loading in Discord is a great feature, but most Discord users must know this memory-saving feature. Suppose you are tired of images automatically consuming space in your PC or being displayed in the discord channel. You can turn it off by heading to the “Text & Images” section from the “User settings.”

However, in some cases, the users are more concerned about NSFW content being displayed on their Discord. To avoid this, the user can put an “Age-Restriction” on the channels as the server owner or editor. Enable the “Keep me safe” option to avoid explicit content in Direct Messages.

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