Does Updating NVIDIA Drivers Boost Performance?

Does Updating NVIDIA Drivers Boost Performance?

A driver is an essential software that allows your computer’s operating system to communicate with hardware such as graphics cards. Updating these gives your system a performance boost because these act as a bridge between the graphic card and the operating system.

Elevating the performance of the system is the dream of every user. No one likes a lag. In this article, we will look at NVIDIA drivers and why it is essential to keep your NVIDIA Drivers up to date.

Does Updating NVIDIA Drivers Boost Performance?

Undoubtedly, updating NVIDIA drivers can improve system performance. Updating to a newer driver version will give your computer the required performance boost, especially in gaming. Newer drivers optimize and address bugs, improving system performance.

Does Updating NVIDIA Drivers Boost Performance? |

NVIDIA drivers are the software that acts as a link for communication between your computer’s operating system and NVIDIA graphics card. You need them if you are a gamer, video editor, or do any work related to media and graphics.

  • Enhance Settings
    The NVIDIA drivers provide the user with support for various features such as 3D gaming, graphics rendering, and video playback. Control panels are also included that allow you to adjust settings such as resolution, image quality, upgrading, refresh rate, and many more.
  • High Performance
    These are important for gamers, realistic visual generation, film and video production, 3D- effects, cryptocurrency mining, scientific research, and machine learning. All gamers and professionals that require the highest level of performance must have these installed and updated.
  • Increase Visual Quality
    Updating these drivers have a prominent effect on performance, especially in gaming. New driver releases include improvements and bug fixes. It makes your gaming experience way better and more enjoyable. It can also give access to new features and technologies that can significantly enhance the visual quality of games.

Why Update the NVIDIA Drivers?

When a user buys a new NVIDIA graphics card, it comes with a set of compatible drivers to work with the latest operating system version at the time of release. However, with time, these drivers may become outdated and not take full advantage of the capabilities of the graphics cards. So, it is essential to update.

When new drivers are released, they include performance boosts and bug fixes. These improvements can help the graphic card to run more efficiently and make graphics-intensive applications run faster and smoother. So, the answer is yes, and we will see how to update drivers later.

Does Updating NVIDIA Drivers Boost Performance? |

Over time, the compatibility of graphics cards is reduced to newer software versions. Therefore, updating the NVIDIA drivers can stabilize your system and reduce lagging by boosting the system. 

New features are also unlocked, which were not available in older versions and are beneficial for the users. As for NVIDIA, the new “Low Latency Mode” reduces lag, a blessing, especially for players who enjoy multiplayer games.

How to Update NVIDIA Drivers?

We will go through different ways of updating the NVIDIA Drivers. It is relatively simple. There are many ways, such as updating through the control panel, upgrading the NVIDIA drivers through Windows Update, and finally, updating these through the NVIDIA Website. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Right-click anywhere on the desktop, and pick “NVIDIA Control Panel” from the drop-down menu that appears.

Use the “System Information” link in the NVIDIA Preferences menu to view your computer’s specifications. Find the “Driver version” field and click on it. However, you can only do this by comparing the version listed with the most recent version available on the website.

If a new version is available, click on the “Update Drivers” button. Easy, right? We hope that you are not lost. Follow the guide/prompt to complete the installation process.

Updating NVIDIA drivers Through Windows Update

It is also simple and easy. Firstly, open the windows update settings by searching for “Windows Update” in the start menu and clicking on “Check For Updates.”

Does Updating NVIDIA Drivers Boost Performance? |

If a newer version of your NVIDIA driver is available, it will be listed among the updates. Click on the “Download and install” button. Now simply follow the prompts to complete the installation process, and you are done.

Updating the NVIDIA Drivers through the Manufacturer’s Website

Updating your old Nvidia Drivers through the website is another option we will discuss. It is also easy and is done online. First, visit the NVIDIA website.

Search for the latest version of your graphics card drivers and download the drivers when you find them by simply running the installer. As other steps mention, follow the prompts to complete your NVIDIA installation process.

Important Things to consider while Updating

The NVIDIA graphics driver basically “drives” the computer part through the entire system so that all parts are together and the system is stable. A point to remember is that updating your NVIDIA drivers does not need to be frequently updated for accelerated multimedia and video editing tasks. 

These are most helpful for Gamers. They can exponentially increase your system’s speed, and your system might use a hundred percent of your GPU. This FPS might also be reduced in some cases, and you need to turn off the accelerator in your settings so that it does not happen. If this case prevails, keep using the old drivers for safety reasons.

Does Updating NVIDIA Drivers Boost Performance? |

When it comes to updating your drivers, it’s not always about maximizing your system’s potential. You may need to update your drivers if you are experiencing instability in the software or system freezes and reboots. Consequently, there are sporadic failures. The display has a problem, such as flickering or failing to launch a message.

NVIDIA will include significant performance gains in its latest GeForce GPU driver for games like Cyberpunk 2077, DirectX 12, and Forza Horizon 5. The performance improvements include double-digit percentage increases in frame rates across 1440p and 4K quality. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will increase by 25 percent at the same resolution.

Here’s the list regarding the performance improvements in games by updating the latest NVIDIA driver:

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Up to 25 percent (1080p)
Cyberpunk 2077 Up to 20 percent (4K)
Call of Duty: Vanguard Up to 12 percent (4K)
Battlefield 2042 Up to 8 percent (1080p)
F1 22 Up to 17 percent (4k)
Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition Up to 8 percent (4K)
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Up to 5 percent (1080p)
Watch Dogs: Legion Up to 9 percent (1440p)

In other cases, such as when benchmarks show a speed increase of up to 104% in certain games, a simple repair is as simple as updating the graphics driver.

Performance Comparison

A series of benchmarks were conducted using intensive software to demonstrate the potential boost you can achieve by updating NVIDIA drivers, and the results were shocking. The results indicated the significant effect of NVIDIA drivers on the system’s performance.

This table shows the benchmark results before the drivers’ update.

Application FPS (Frames per second)
Game 1 55
Game 2 45
Game 3 30

Now, in comparison, this table shows the benchmark results after the driver updates:

Application FPS (Frames Per second)
Game 1  70
Game 2 60
Game 3 50

As we can see from these tables, there is a significant improvement in performance after updating the NVIDIA drivers. In game 1, there is more than a 17 percent increase in the FPS. in Game 2; there is a 15 percent increase in FPS, while in Game 3, there is a 33 percent increase in FPS. These results indicate that updating NVIDIA drivers significantly boosts the performance in graphics-intensive applications.

Is it necessary to update drivers for older graphics?

Updating the old graphics is not strictly necessary, but it is recommended as it can help to ensure that our graphics cards are still working at their best. The user can take full advantage of the latest features and capabilities. As mentioned earlier, updating drivers can also help to fix any bugs or compatibility issues, and it can help to improve the stability of the system.

As we have mentioned earlier, the availability of the driver updates can be checked by the control panel, and then look for the “Driver Version” field. You have to compare this version to the latest version available on the NVIDIA website. You can also check that by visiting the NVIDIA website directly.

What is the solution if an update causes issues with your system?

If an update causes issues with the system, you can set the driver again to the previous version. You can easily do this through the “Device Manager” in windows. Sometimes, this can reduce the FPS and cause your system to lag. You can also contact NVIDIA support for further assistance.

Moreover, GPU overclocking can also help improve your graphics card performance. You can use software such as MSI Afterburner to overclock your GPU. That can help to increase the performance of your graphics cards. Updating NVIDIA drivers is a great way to improve your gaming experience and take advantage of the latest features and capabilities.


In conclusion, keeping your NVIDIA drivers up to date is important for stability. It boosts the performance of the graphics cards. The future of NVIDIA drivers looks promising as they greatly enhance the user’s visual experience. You can update your NVIDIA drivers through the control panel, website, or windows manager and enjoy the best user-driven experience.

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