Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

The CPU is responsible for executing more tasks than the GPU.

CPU and CPU are two essential pieces of hardware in a computer. The CPU is responsible for running apps and games. It also controls other things. In contrast, a GPU is dedicated to executing graphics-based tasks such as gaming, rendering, exporting, and providing a display on the monitor, etc.

The graphics card (GPU) depends on the CPU in some tasks. But CPU usage higher than GPU can be abnormal for some reasons. This article discusses the reasons behind them with all possible solutions. So, without any further delay, let’s dive into it.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU?

It can be because of your CPU-intensive games and apps. Faulty hardware, buggy software, and wrong software settings can also be the causes behind CPU usage higher than GPU. Usually, the settings prioritizing CPU usage over graphics cards cause higher CPU usage than GPU.

  • CPU-Intensive Apps & Games

CPU-intensive apps and games can easily boost your CPU usage higher than GPU. Such apps and games depend on your CPU for execution rather than your graphics card. The developers have developed them in a way so they use your CPU more. Other apps struggle when you have such apps running.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

  • Faulty Hardware

Such hardware can be a reason behind this problem. Your CPU or your motherboard may be faulty. It happens when one or more cores of your computer processor burn out. In this case, the other remaining cores must bear all the burdens of your apps and games.

Your motherboard might be faulty if your CPU is OK. It not only makes your CPU functional, but it also makes other hardware useful. Even a small fault in your motherboard’s working can affect your CPU’s working and communication with other hardware.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com


  • Buggy software 

Some software occupies the control of your CPU and does not let it go easily. They keep using your processor by the time they are running, causing your CPU usage to boost dramatically. It does not drop until you close the app or game, occupying your CPU.

Such software increases your CPU usage because they are buggy. Running such apps and games is dangerous for your computer processor. They reduce the lifetime of your CPU by constantly keeping it busy. They can also easily trigger CPU thermal throttling.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

  • Wrong Software Settings

Usually, we download and install an app or game and start using it without changing its settings. As a result, it consumes more CPU power than the GPU. It also causes your CPU to overheat. Constant overheating decreases the lifespan of your CPU.

  • CPU Thermal Throttling 

Throttling is a built-in mechanism in most computers. It reduces your CPU’s operating speed and power to prevent overheating. Otherwise, your CPU can easily be damaged permanently. Throttling causes your CPU to start processing slowly, increasing the usage.

Expired CPU thermal grease, high room temperature, dusty computer system, slow fans, inefficient CPU cooler, and poor ventilation system, etc., can cause this issue. CPUs can bear enormous amounts of heat, but a hot area increases its temperature, causing overheating.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

  • Overloaded CPU

Such a CPU has a higher usage. Unnecessary background apps make your computer processor overloadedIt becomes a burden on your CPU when it has to run multiple apps simultaneously. Every processor has its limits to handle a certain number of apps simultaneously.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

  • Virus Scans & Malware Attacks

Antivirus apps find viruses in your data and delete them. For this, they use your CPU for running. Frequent virus scans keep your CPU usage higher. The situation worsens when you have an HDD instead of an SSD, and the RAM in your computer is also small.

A malware attack on your computer can make your CPU usage higher than your GPU. Some viruses can increase the use of your CPU by overtaking its control. As a result, your computer processor keeps itself busy executing that virus repeatedly.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

  • Power Preserving Mode

Your computer’s enabled power preserving mode can lead your CPU usage to be higher than GPU. It brings your CPU to power-saving mode. It starts operating at less speed, and it starts consuming less power. As a result, the performance of your computer processor degrades.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

  • Outdated Or Malfunctioning GPU Drivers

Your app or game may be GPU optimized, but it cannot use your graphics cards as your graphics card drivers are not working properly. As a result, your CPU will try to run as many program instructions as possible. It will overburden and overheat your CPU as well.

Device drivers are software that makes hardware functional. Without them, none of the computer hardware can work. Any fault in the drivers can make the hardware faulty. Your processor will hardly function properly if the drivers are related to your CPU.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

  • Incompatibility Issues

Your CPU usage becomes higher than your GPU when your CPU is not compatible with the apps or games you run on your computer. Compatibility issues arrive when your hardware does not meet the specifications of your software. Sometimes, only hardware upgrades can solve such issues.

  • Disabled CPU Overclocking

Disabling CPU overclocking will cause your CPU to operate on a lesser frequency. As a result, it will not be able to run your apps and games properly, especially the ones that highly depend on your CPU for running. Overclocking allows your CPU to operate at maximum speed.

It is a built-in mechanism that increases your CPU’s power consumption and operating speed. Overclocking allows your CPU to work at the defined speed and power. Most apps and games demand you to enable this feature to increase performance.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

How Do I Fix CPU Usage More Than GPU?

Switch From CPU To GPU

To fix CPU usage more than GPU, switch from CPU to GPU. Most of the software has this option in their settings, which allows you to switch to a graphics card. It takes away the burden from your CPU and starts using your GPU for most of the software’s tasks.

For example, if you are an artist and use Blender for your work, you can easily fix this high CPU usage problem. Just go into “Render Properties” and change your “Render Engine” to “Cycles.” Now, change the device to “GPU Compute” using the drop-down menu named “Device.”

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

Update The Drivers Of Your Graphics Card

Updating the device drivers of your graphics card can fix your CPU usage more than your GPU. The outdated or incompatible drivers can make your apps and games use your CPU instead of your GPU. In this situation, your computer processor must do the tasks your graphics card was responsible for.

You must know which GPU is installed on your computer to fix this problem. After that, go to the official site of your GPU manufacturer and download and install the verified graphics drivers. If your graphics drivers need an update, open the app and update them as soon as possible.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

Disable Your Computer’s Power Preserving Mode

Disable the power preserving mode using your operating system to fix CPU usage more than GPU. Mostly, the power-saving modes decrease the operating power of your CPU. It reduces its operating frequency. As a result, your computer performance degrades.

Open the “Start Menu” and type “Edit Power Plans.” Open the app to change the power-preserving mode settings. Click on the “Power Options” written on the address bar above. In the end, select “High Performance” and close the app. Now you are good to go.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com


Close Unnecessary Apps Running In The Background

Closing all the unnecessary apps running in the background can fix your CPU usage issue more than your GPU. Nearly all of the apps depend on your computer processor for running. When more apps run simultaneously, executing them becomes tedious for your CPU.

It is very easy to close unnecessary background apps if you are a Windows user. Right-click on the “Taskbar” and select “Task Manager.” Go to the tab named “Processes.” Select the unnecessary background app under the “Background Processes” section and press the “End Task” button.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

Enable CPU Overclocking

You should enable CPU overclocking to fix your CPU usage higher than GPU. Overclocking allows your computer processor to consume more power and operate at a higher-defined frequency. It allows your CPU to process things faster, increasing the performance and efficiency of your computer.

To enable CPU overclocking, go to your UEFI/BIOS. In the “Advanced” settings, search for the tab named “Tweaker/Ai Tweaker.” You can select the “XMP profile” option from the drop-down menu named “Ai Overclock tuner.” In the end, save changes and exit from the UEFI/BIOS.

Upgrade Your CPU

Upgrading your CPU can fix your problem of higher CPU usage than GPU. The latest apps and games require a powerful computer processor. But running such apps on a smaller CPU makes its usage insanely high. It can also cause your CPU to overheat and burn out.

Press the combination of the “Windows + R” key. A dialogue box will appear in the bottom left corner. Type “msinfo32” in the textbox and press the “OK” button. A window with all the info about your current motherboard and CPU will appear. Now, do some web research to find a better CPU.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

Change The Settings Of Your CPU-Intensive Game

To fix CPU usage more than GPU, change the settings of your CPU-intensive app or game. The settings may be so high that they are constantly causing your CPU usage to be high. It is also a sign that your CPU is overheating and can damage itself for good.

Close other apps when using a CPU-intensive app. It will decrease the burden on your CPU and come out of danger of burning out. Installing a better CPU cooler is recommended if your CPU is overheating abnormally. You should install tools to keep an eye on your processor’s temperature.

How Do I Balance CPU And GPU Usage?

You can balance CPU and GPU usage by prioritizing your graphics card over your CPU. You can easily do this by switching to GPU in your app or game setting. Lowering CPU-related settings is also an alternative. Enabling CPU overclocking, closing background apps, and Upgrading your CPU also help.

CPU-intensive apps and games cause your CPU usage to be higher than GPU. Because of their nature, they are developed to use your CPU more than your graphics card. Some apps allow you to switch to GPU instead of CPU, which helps you to divide the burden on your computer processor.

Increasing your game’s resolution allows you to balance CPU and GPU usage as your graphics card becomes responsible for processing your game. But some games use your CPU. Do not increase the resolution more than your monitor’s resolution. Otherwise, your monitor will blackout.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com

To balance your CPU and GPU usage, you must use the hardware that fulfills the specifications of the app or game you want to run. It might demand you upgrade your CPU, GPU, or both. Enabling CPU overclocking is also helpful, especially when your GPU is more powerful.

How Do I Prioritize My GPU?

Select your graphics card-related app as the preferred software to prioritize your GPU over your CPU. As a result, your operating system will start prioritizing your graphics card. For this, open your “Taskbar” and type “Graphics Settings.” open the settings to process further.

Now, right-click on your GPU’s app and select the “open file location” option. Copy the path of the apps. Switch to the “Graphics Settings” app and select “Desktop App” from the drop-down menu. Next, press the “Browse” button and paste the path in the address bar.

After this, select your GPU’s app and press “OK.” Do not forget to turn on the “Hardware accelerated GPU Scheduling” option above. Finally, close the “Graphics Settings” and restart your computer. Congratulations! You have successfully prioritized your GPU.

Why Is My CPU Usage Higher Than GPU? Solved Step By Step | Cpugpunerds.com


CPU-intensive apps and games are culprits behind higher CPU usage. Lowering the settings of such apps helps. But if it is a game, then increasing the resolution will help. It is a good idea to switch CPU-intensive apps and games on a graphics card for execution. GPUs have more cores than CPUs.

Faulty hardware causes the same problem. Either your CPU is the culprit or your motherboard. Buggy software also causes such issues. Reinstalling such software should fix the problem. Finding the alternative is a better option. Make sure your CPU is not overloaded.

CPU thermal throttling can raise CPU usage. In this case, you should keep your CPU as cool as possible. You can easily solve this problem by closing unnecessary background apps. Switch your computer from power-preserving mode to high-performance mode.

A virus attack on your computer and frequent virus scans also cause the same problem. It is necessary to scan your computer to detect and delete viruses. However, frequent use of antiviruses can make your CPU busy. Make sure to reduce the frequency of virus scans.

Outdated or corrupt graphics drivers might be causing the issue. Updating or reinstalling such drivers is the only option. Sometimes, turning on CPU overclocking is very necessary. Ensure your CPU fulfills the specifications of your apps and games and is no less powerful.

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