Mouse Cursor Keeps freezing in Windows 10? Here Is Fix

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |

Are you regularly dealing with annoying pauses and sudden mouse cursor freezes?

Assume you’re in the middle of a critical work when your mouse pointer decides to take an unexpected break and stop it. It’s a typical problem for many Windows 10, but a light is at the end of the tunnel. I’ve got the fixes you’re looking for.

If your mouse pointer disappears on Windows 10 while typing, it means your computer is helping you focus on the task. I’ll describe the reasons behind these problems, why this happens and, more importantly, how to solve them without tearing your hair out. Let’s enjoy a smoother and comfortable typing experience.

Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10?

It is because of problematic programs, faulty USB port, broken or damaged mouse wire, mouse dongle issue, sudden pc hibernation, Bluetooth mouse error, virus or malware, dust and dirt accumulation on the laptop’s touchpad, buggy Windows, wrong mouse or touchpad settings, and faulty mouse drivers.

Some of these issues are related to hardware, and some are related to software. But you can tackle all of them quickly. Here we have collected step-by-step guides and tutorials to resolve these issues.

Specific Program Error

Sometimes we face glitches due to buggy applications and programs. These applications cause the cursor to freeze whenever they are launched. Such applications often contain corrupted files that take too long to load, and as a result, the system and cursor freeze. 

  • How To Fix It?

The best way to fix such problems is to uninstall such apps and programs. But first, you have to retrieve the system from the stuck condition. To do that, press “Shift+Alt+Tab” and switch tabs, or just press the desktop shortcut from the lower right corner of the taskbar. 

You can also use the “End Task” method to close the unresponsive app. Once you are out of the situation, go to the control panel and uninstall the app/program.

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |

Faulty USB port

If your Windows 10 cursor continues to freeze, a faulty USB port could be a potential cause. A USB interface malfunction can disrupt the connection between your mouse and your computer, resulting in frozen cursors or erratic behavior. Sometimes the USB ports get rusty and dirty, preventing a proper connection between the USB and the mouse wire.

  • How To Fix It?

Unplug the mouse from the current USB port and connect it to a different port if it is overworked. It will help determine whether the issue is specific to the port you were using.

If possible, connect a different mouse to your computer and observe whether the halting issue persists. It will assist in determining whether the issue rests with the mouse itself or the USB port.

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |

Broken or Damaged Mouse Wire

If the cord connecting your mouse to your computer is damaged, you may experience intermittent or complete loss of cursor movement. This wire may get damaged due to overuse or a sudden pull. If any USB connection is broken, your mouse will also show sudden freezing.

  • How To Fix It?

Examine the twine for visible damage symptoms, such as fraying or kinks. Try using a different mouse or connecting your current mouse to another computer. If the freezing cursor problem persists with a different mouse or computer, the issue is likely unrelated to the mouse cable. 

Consider replacing the mouse or the cable if it is detachable and replaceable if you discover the mouse’s cord is broken. Replacing the cord is difficult but can be done using a soldering iron. You can seek professional assistance for that task.

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |

Wireless Mouse Dongle or Hibernate Error

The dongle that connects your wireless mouse to your computer may be experiencing interference or connectivity issues if you are using a wireless mouse. Certain drivers or processes may not resume effectively when a Windows 10 laptop resumes from hibernation, causing the cursor to stop.

  • How To Fix It?

Make sure the dongle is connected to a USB interface on your computer. Check for signal obstacles or devices that could interfere with the wireless signal between the dongle and the mouse.

Disable hibernation and utilize sleep mode instead. Open the Power Options in the Control Panel, and search “change power settings” and then click “Edit power setting” Here extend the sleep time to change the interference time. 

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? | 

Bluetooth Mouse Errors

Intermittent connectivity issues and halting cursors can occur when the battery is low. Other Bluetooth devices or wireless signals in the vicinity may impede the connection between your mouse and computer. 

  • How To Fix It?

Ensure that the battery life of your Bluetooth mouse is sufficient. If necessary, replace or recharge the battery. Try moving other Bluetooth devices away from your laptop or momentarily turning them off to determine if this resolves the issue. 

If none of the above solutions work, there may be a hardware issue with either your Bluetooth mouse or the Bluetooth receiver attached to your computer. Use the mouse on a different computer or a different mouse on your computer to determine if the issue is with the mouse itself. If it’s your mouse, then replace it. 

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |

Virus and Malware

Viruses and other malware types are files that can disrupt the normal operation of a computer by wreaking havoc on its operating system, programs, and registry. 

  • How To Fix It?

Malware and viruses can only be treated using a reputed antivirus application. You can also perform a quick scan using the Windows Quick Scan feature. Go to the Windows start menu, type “Virus & Threat Protection,” and open the window. Now click on “Quick Scan” and wait for the results. If you find a threat, remove it immediately. 

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |

Dust and Dirt in Touchpad

Dirt and dust accumulation on the touchpad cause errors. Dust and dirt can interfere with the touchpad’s smooth movement, which can lead to the cursor becoming unresponsive or even frozen. A dusty connection causes no response in the touchpad sensor. 

  • How To Fix It?

When gently cleaning the touchpad surface, a smooth cloth or a fabric made of microfiber should be used. Be sure to get rid of any dust or debris that is visible. It is important to keep in mind that the touchpad might be damaged if high-pressure or strong cleaning agents are applied.

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |

Bug In Windows 

Old Windows could be a possible cause of freezing. It is because if you don’t install the latest Windows updates, your system may develop glitches. Moreover, some of the glitches occur due to bugs and glitches. 

  • How To Fix It?

Ensure that your Windows 10 has all the most recent patches and updates installed. Microsoft offers monthly updates that fix previously discovered faults and improve the device’s overall balance.

A simple restart may be all that is required to fix momentary glitches or conflicts that are the root cause of the cursor freezing problem. Verify that the issue is specific to your mouse by trying it out. 

If the issue of the mouse freezing up does not go away, you can either try using a different mouse or attach your current mouse to a different USB port. In addition to that, go to the website of the mouse maker and check to see if the drivers for your mouse are up to date.

Mouse Cursor Disappearing Settings

Sometimes we accidentally select the cursor hiding option from the mouse pointer settings. These settings cause the sudden disappearance of your mouse pointer when it is not working. And if any glitch occurs in the settings, it may result in the cursor freezing.

  • How To Fix It?

To remove the settings, open the control panel by searching for it in the Windows search bar, and then open “Mouse.” Now go to the “Pointer Options” tab and then navigate to “Hide pointer while typing.” If this option is enabled, then disable it. 

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |

Enhanced Mouse Precision Settings

The Enhanced Mouse Precision feature is a characteristic that has been developed to improve the responsiveness and precision of your mouse movements. On the other hand, it might give rise to issues, such as the cursor freezing or the system stuttering.

  • How To Fix It?

You have to disable this option to prevent the mouse precision settings from affecting the cursor. Open the Control Panel and then go to “Mouse.” Here, go to “Pointer Options,” and if the option is ticked, then untick it to disable these enhanced mouse precision settings. 

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |

Scroll Inactive Windows Settings

The “Scroll Inactive Windows” preference may be to blame if your Windows 10 mouse cursor keeps becoming unresponsive. You can scroll through inactive windows by hovering over them and using the scroll wheel on your mouse. This setting enables you to do this. On the other hand, it is a known issue that may result in the cursor freezing for certain users.

  • How To Fix It?

You can fix it by disabling the scroll inactive Windows settings. Type “Settings” in the Windows search menu and open settings. Go to “Devices” and then select “Mouse” from the left setting panel. Here you will find the “Scroll inactive Windows settings.” Disable the settings.

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |

Faulty Touchpad settings

A malfunctioning touchpad on a computer can undoubtedly result in freezing cursor issues. The touchpad is the primary input device for laptops and is responsible for converting finger movement into cursor movement on the screen. If the touchpad is malfunctioning, it may cause various issues, including the cursor freezing.

  • How To Fix It?

The touchpad uses sensors to detect the movement of your finger. Suppose these sensors are broken or no longer functioning properly. In that case, they may not detect your finger movements correctly, resulting in an unresponsive or immobilized cursor, and you will have to replace them.

The touchpad requires specific drivers to communicate with the operating system. You also have to update your touchpad drivers. 

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |

Enabled USB Power Management Settings

USB power management parameters, such as USB selective suspend, permit the operating system to selectively power down USB devices when they are not in use. If this setting is enabled and the cursor (typically a USB-connected mouse) is inactive for a specified amount of time, the USB port will reduce or disconnect power to the device. 

When you attempt to move the cursor again, it may no longer respond or temporarily stop until power is restored. It is especially challenging if the energy restoration process is slow or inefficient.

  • How To Fix It?

To avoid this power turn-off, you must disable the USB power management settings. To do that, open the device manager, extend “Universal serial bus controller,” and right-click on your USB device. Here, select properties and then go to “Power Management.” Here you will find the option “Allow this computer to turn off the device to save power.”

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |

Faulty Mouse Drivers

When you connect an external mouse to your laptop, it requires specific drivers in order to communicate with the device. The cursor may freeze if these drivers conflict with existing drivers or other software on your laptop. 

Incompatible drivers may impede the normal operation of the mouse, causing the cursor to become unresponsive or to halt. If the mouse drivers on your computer are obsolete, they may no longer be completely compatible with the operating system or hardware components. It can result in erratic cursor behavior as well as stalling. Outdated drivers may lack critical computer virus updates or enhancements, resulting in stability issues.

  • How To Fix It?

Mouse drivers that are out of date or incompatible can cause numerous issues. Visit the manufacturer’s website to download the most recent driver version designed specifically for your mouse model. You can also update the drivers using the device manager. Open the device manager and go to the mouse drivers. Select the driver and update it.

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |

How Do I Reset My Mouse Driver?

You can restart your mouse drivers using the device manager. It allows you to add, remove and update device drivers. Resetting the mouse’s driving force can help resolve various mouse-related issues, including erratic cursor movement and unresponsive touches.

For Windows users, the following procedures can be used to reset the mouse force. First, select the Windows key and type “Device Manager.” Click the Device Manager option that appears in the list of search results. 

Find and expand the “Mice and other pointing devices” category in the Device Manager window. Select “Uninstall device” with a right-click on the mouse’s wheel. Confirm the uninstallation if performed. After removing the driver, restart your computer. Windows will automatically reinstall the mouse driver at launch, resetting it to the factory defaults.

Solved: Why Does My Cursor Keep Freezing On Windows 10? |


Windows 10 cursor freezing is frustrating yet common. Fortunately, this issue may be fixed with easy troubleshooting. Program faults may freeze the pointer. Bugged apps may slow-load faulty files, stalling the system and pointer. Uninstalling these apps and programs fixes it.

USB port failure may occur, broken USB interfaces freeze mice and computers can also lead to cursor freezing. Change USB ports or mice to find the issue. Broken mouse wires also cause unresponsive cursors. Checking for damage and using a new mouse or connecting your mouse to another computer will help pinpoint the mouse cable issue.

Wireless mouse users may experience hibernation or dongle issues. Disabling hibernation and attaching the dongle may fix it. Bluetooth interference and battery life can affect Bluetooth mice. Recharge or replace the battery to fix such issue.

Viruses and spyware freeze cursors. Antivirus software or Windows security tools can detect and eliminate such threats. Dust and grit on the touchpad may also make the cursor troublesome. A soft cloth can be used to clean the touchpad. Updating Windows 10 prevents cursor freezes as it adds new features. Microsoft updates can fix these issues. Restarting or trying a different mouse or USB port will help determine if the freeze is mouse- or system-related.

Mouse settings affect cursor behavior. If you mistakenly hide or enable mouse accuracy, the cursor can freeze. Disabling these Control Panel options fixes it. “Scroll Inactive Windows” may freeze the pointer. Disabling this Windows setting fixes it. Touchpad settings freeze laptops. Update drivers or reset touchpad settings.

The cursor freezes if USB power management options are enabled. Disabling power management prevents this. Incompatible mouse drivers may freeze the cursor. Device Manager or the manufacturer’s website can update mouse drivers. Resetting the mouse driver may fix issues. After resuming, let Windows reinstall the mouse driver from Device Manager.

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