Why Do Pros Tilt Their Monitor?

Why Do Pros Tilt Their Monitor? | cpugpunerds.com

Display monitors are the essential output devices for all computer systems. It is because we cannot see anything inside a PC without them. That is why every computer has at least one display monitor. Science has made significant advancements in the technology and types of display monitors.

Now, we see different kinds of display monitors that are more advanced than the previous ones. Not only do they have more resolutions that add details to an image or video, but they also have more speed for more FPS during gaming. In this article, we will discuss why pros tilt their monitor first.

Why Do Pros Tilt Their Monitor?

Pros tilt their monitor to see a lot more code that is not visible when a monitor is placed in the normal position. Usually, the monitor is tilted so that its base is closer to the eyes than its top. It makes the display clear for the pros. You should also try tilting your display monitor.

Why Do Pros Tilt Their Monitor? | cpugpunerds.com

One may be tilting their monitor to remove the glare on a screen because there is an overhead or bright light in the room. When these lights reflect on a display monitor’s screen, it is annoying and affects visibility. As a result, one cannot enjoy their work.

  • Text Bold
    Tilting a monitor makes the text bold to some extent. It can be a reason for the pros to tilt their display monitor. Gamers can also highlight the graphics details in this way. But tilting too much is not recommended as it also disturbs the vision. Tilting your monitor downward has a different effect than tilting it upward.
  • May Hurt Eyes
    But tilting too much can cause a glare in your display monitor’s vision. We will not recommend tilting the monitor another way when its upper side is closer to your eyes than its lower side. That is because it might hurt your eyes by giving you fatigue. The display is also not visible in this way either. It is also possible that one is in a darker room and the brightness of the display monitor is so high that it is affecting the eyes too much. It is possible to decrease the brightness by tilting the monitor a bit. But there is an option in all the display monitors to bring down their brightness and contrast.
  • Improves Performance
    But one thing we know for sure is that a monitor has no sensors that detect its tilting and improve its performance. Pros tilt their monitors only for their convenience. Hence, there is no rocket science in it. According to research, the tilt should be 17 degrees below.
  • Dual Monitor
    We recommend using a more extensive and precise display monitor to see its entire screen without tilting it. Most monitors have different picture modes that can be changed to one that suits your eyes. Professionals use dual or multiple monitors for the maximum and clear view.

Is 24 Inch or 27 Inch Better for Gaming?

Choosing between the sizes of the monitors only depends on your gaming preferences. Some gamers prefer a 27-inch display monitor, while others prefer a 24-inch one. But remember that by increasing the monitor size, you will also need more resolution. Otherwise, the graphics on your screen will become blurred.

Why Do Pros Tilt Their Monitor? | cpugpunerds.com

Most of the pros prefer the resolution over the size of a monitor. This is because more resolution means more graphic detail. And more attribute allows you to increase the distance in your game insanely. Resolution is the key to the games looking realistic rather than the size of a display monitor.

But if you insist on us suggesting a display monitor between a 24-inch and a 27-inch, we are here to help you. If you want to use a computer desk for your PC monitor(s), we recommend a 24-inch monitor as you would be too close to it. At the same time, the 27-inch is better to use from a distance.

If you want a monitor for gaming, then we will recommend you a gaming monitor. The gaming monitors have a high refresh rate and better graphics quality. The higher refresh rate or frequency allows the videos and video games to run smoother. You also get more FPS or framerate on these monitors.

On the other hand, the higher graphics quality allows you to see more details on your display screen. A gaming monitor has more eye-catching colors than a standard monitor. You can also enjoy realistic graphics-intensive games with higher resolution without problems like “No signal detected..”.

Is 1080p OK on 27 Inch Monitor?

We recommend 4K (1440 p) on a 27-inch display monitor rather than 1080p. 1080p will look blurry on such a big screen when most games are 4K. But if you want 1080p, we recommend a 24-inch monitor for this resolution. But 1080p will also do on such a big screen.

Why Do Pros Tilt Their Monitor? | cpugpunerds.com

If the colors of a 27-inch display monitor are distinguished, like in the case of a gaming monitor, then 1080p is still good on such a monitor. It is because it will show you nearly all of the details of your game with high quality. It will also not make a difference in the quality when you keep your monitor a bit far.

The most important thing for gaming, along with the resolution, is the refresh rate of your display monitor. The refresh rate is the speed on a display monitor to display the next image. More refresh rate makes the gameplay smoother by increasing the FPS or framerate of your game.

The refresh rate of a computer display monitor is denoted in Hertz (Hz) because it is its operational frequency. The frequency of the older monitors was about 60 Hz. Different monitors with different refresh rates are present in the market, such as 75 Hz, 120 Hz, 144 Hz, 165 Hz, 240 Hz, and 360 Hz.

How Far Should You Sit From a Monitor?

It depends on the size of your monitor. The distance between you and your monitor increases as the size of your display monitor increases. Technically, sitting near a large monitor is useless because you will never be able to see what’s going on on it. Similarly, placing a small monitor far away is uncommon.

Why Do Pros Tilt Their Monitor? | cpugpunerds.com

If a small monitor is placed on your computer desk, you can sit right in front of it. But make sure it is not right in your face because using display monitors for a long time can affect your eyesight. As a result, you will have to wear glasses or lenses, especially when your room is a bit darker.

It is recommended to sit 6 to 8 feet from a display monitor over 27 inches long. But if your monitor size is too large, you should sit as far as possible because maintaining a safe distance from your monitor is necessary. Sitting too close to it gives you eye strain or fatigue.

It is not only yourself that needs to maintain a safe distance between you and your monitor, but your monitor also needs to be placed a bit far away from the other objects in your room. In this way, neither of those objects will collide with the monitor screen and damage it, but they will also not interrupt your view when gaming or watching movies.

Curved Monitor Vs. Flat: Which Style is Best for Your Health?

An Ergonomics study helps design and manufacture more human-friendly products regarding our health. The field of computers has increased rapidly over the years, and now sitting in front of a display monitor is a source of income for most of us, affecting our health as well.

The traditional monitors are flat because they have less production cost and because most computer users are used to using those monitors. Hence, we can say that using such monitors is one of our habits. But one should know that flat monitors cause more eye strain or fatigue.

On the other hand, we have futuristic curved monitors. Scientists and engineers have designed them to protect our eyesight. The curved monitors provide a display that matches our natural FOV (field of view). Hence, if you want to choose between a flat and a curved monitor, we recommend the curved one.

The technical science behind this is that the center of a flat monitor’s screen is in front of our eyes while its corners are comparatively away. But in the case of a curved monitor, the screen has nearly the same focal distance. It helps your eyes from focusing again and again, tiring themselves.

Moreover, curved monitors provide more immersive gaming and movie experiences, giving you a better experience than flat ones. So, if you want the best style monitor for your health, we suggest you get a curved one.


If you are a severe gamer or even a casual computer user, keep your eyes safe with the proper refresh rate and distance from the monitor. Please choose the best-curved monitor because it is more comfortable for your eyes and helps you focus more on your work.

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