Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed in Windows 10?

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

The primary function of a mouse is to control the cursor’s movement on a computer screen. A mouse provides high accuracy and precision compared to other input devices, such as touchpads or trackballs.

The mouse has made navigating digital landscapes second nature to most of us. Its buttons, specifically designed for easy clicks and selections, are the foundation of user interaction. The unexpected occurrence of reversed mouse button behavior may convert this simple interaction into a perplexing problem. Various causes could contribute to this odd phenomenon, ranging from unexpected software updates to unintended personalization choices.

In this article, we’ll investigate the intriguing problem of the unusual behavior of reversed mouse buttons in Windows 10. From improper settings to hardware complexities, each component will be explored to provide you with the knowledge you need to diagnose the problem correctly. This step-by-step troubleshooting article will help you determine if the issue is related to software or the physical characteristics of your favorite mouse.

How to Fix Reversed Mouse Buttons in Windows 10

You can fix your mouse button issue by accessing your mouse settings in the system settings in Windows 10. Discovering that your mouse buttons’ primary and secondary functions have been altered can be confusing. Therefore, change the settings to default.

Fortunately, there are various possible solutions to this problem. You can quickly regain control of your mouse’s operation and ensure a seamless computing experience by knowing the various causes of this issue and following the recommended troubleshooting actions. 

  1. Try Using Other USB Ports
  2. Use Control Panel to Fix Your Mouse Buttons
  3. Use Command Prompt for Fixing Mouse Buttons
  4. Use Registry Editor To Fix Your Mouse Buttons
  5. Check Accessibility to Fix the Mouse Button Setting
  6. Perform System Restore
  7. Disable Customization Software
  8. Contact the Mouse Manufacturer’s Support

1. Try Using Other USB Ports

Connect a different computer to your mouse. If the button functions remain reversed on the new PC, it indicates that the problem is related to the mouse rather than the computer’s settings. This test helps to identify that problem is hardware-related, indicating that the mouse’s internal setup is the issue.

If the mouse behaves the same way on another computer, it needs attention, such as a firmware update or replacement. If, on the other hand, the mouse works well on the new computer, the problem could be with your previous computer’s settings or drivers. In such circumstances, evaluating software settings, updating drivers, or checking for conflicts with other apps can aid in determining the source of the inverted mouse button problem.

The quantity of electricity sent to connected devices by USB ports varies. If the port to which the mouse is initially connected experiences power fluctuations or delivers insufficient power, it may interfere with the mouse’s communication with the system. Switching to another USB port can give a more reliable power source and enhance connection dependability.

A specific USB port may occasionally face brief difficulties or communication issues. By changing the port, you can avoid these issues and restore the normal behavior of the mouse’s buttons.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

2. Use Control Panel to Fix Your Mouse Buttons

Open the Control Panel to resolve the reversed mouse buttons issue on your Windows System. The Control Panel has an easy-to-use interface that shows settings logically and organized. Hence changing mouse settings in the Control Panel produces instant results. 

  • To access the control panel, click the “Windows icon” in your lower-left corner. There, enter “Control Panel” into the search field. Hence this will launch the Control Panel
  • After that, locate and select the “Hardware and Sound” category from the Control Panel. Find and click on “Mouse” under this category to see the mouse options.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

  • Now navigate to the “Buttons” tab in the Mouse Properties box. You’ll find options for button configuration here. A section should be titled “Button configuration” or “Button assignment.”
  • Afterward, look for a setting that lets you switch between the functions of the left and right mouse buttons. It will be called “Switch primary and secondary buttons” with an explanation. Then uncheck this option if it is enabled. When you turn off this option, the primary and secondary functionality of the buttons will be back to their positions.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

  • After making the necessary adjustments, click the “Apply” button to save the settings. Before the changes take effect, you may need to confirm them. After configuring the switches, you can close the Mouse Properties box and the Control Panel.

3. Use Command Prompt for Fixing Mouse Buttons

You can modify the registry by accessing the Command Prompt to change the settings of your mouse. Remember to alter the Windows registry cautiously since mistakes might cause system instability. Before making any changes to your system settings, always backup your data.

  • Begin by right-clicking in the bottom-left corner of your screen on the “Start” button. Select “Command Prompt (Admin)” or “Windows Terminal (Admin)” from the context menu that displays to enter Command Prompt with administrative access.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

  • Afterward, enter the command into the Command Prompt window: reg adds “HKCU\Control Panel\Mouse”/v SwapMouseButtons /t REG_SZ /d 1 /f. This command creates a registry entry that changes the order of the primary and secondary mouse buttons.
  • After running the command, restart your computer to have the modifications take effect. After restarting your computer, try your mouse by clicking the buttons. 
  • Furthermore, if you wish to return to the default button setup, use the command: reg delete “HKCU\Control Panel\Mouse”/v SwapMouseButtons /f. This command deletes the registry entry that is responsible for the button swapping.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

4. Use Registry Editor To Fix Your Mouse Buttons

You can interact with the options in a dialogue box to get a quick visual response for your mouse settings. Dialogue boxes are context-sensitive, which means they are adapted to the settings of the individual system component you’re modifying. This ensures that you’re operating within the correct parameters.

  • Press your keyboard’s “Windows key and R” to open the run dialogue box. In the Run dialogue box, type “regedit” and hit Enter. This launches the Registry Editor.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

  • After that, navigate to the following key in the Registry Editor: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse. Locate the “Snap to default button” value in the Registry Editor’s right pane. To open the Edit String dialogue box, double-click on it.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

  • The “Value data” field can be found in the Edit String dialogue box. If it isn’t already set to “0,” change it to that value. The primary and secondary mouse button functionalities will be switched due to this value modification.
  • After changing the value data, click the “OK” button to save the changes. To guarantee the changes take effect, close the Registry Editor and restart your computer.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

  • To begin, select the “Start” button in the lower corner of your screen. After that, enter “Accessibility Mouse”. Note that “0” is for the Left mouse button as the primary, and “1” is for the Right mouse button as the primary.

5. Check Accessibility to Fix the Mouse Button Setting

Accessibility options can influence mouse behavior, as they are intended to suit a wide range of user requirements. Options for left-handed users are frequently included in accessibility settings. When Enabled, this option allows you to flip the primary and secondary mouse button functionality.

Some accessibility settings are designed to accommodate users who have motor disabilities. These options may include the ability to customize button functionality for simpler interaction. However, accidentally enabling such settings can result in unexpected button behavior.

  •  Settings” into the search field. This will launch the Ease of Access configuration panel. This will take you to the Mouse Configuration page.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

  • Furthermore, go to the Mouse option and look for options related to mouse buttons or button configuration on the Mouse settings page. If the “Switch primary and secondary buttons” option is active, disable it by clicking on it. After you’ve made the necessary adjustments, click the “Apply” button to save the settings.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

6. Perform System Restore

If the mouse button problem occurred due to a specific event, such as a software installation or update, doing a System Restore can undo those modifications and return your system to a state when there was no problem. It allows you to restore your PC settings to a time when it worked properly. 

  • To restore your system to the most recent restore point, type “Create a restore point” into the search field and click Enter. Your “System Properties” dialogue box will be launched.
  • Afterward, navigate to the “System Protection” tab in the “System Properties” box. Click the “System Restore” button to begin the System Restore wizard.
  • Click “Next” in the System Restore process to see a list of available restore points. Therefore, choose a restoration point before encountering the inverted mouse buttons problem. You should select a restore point when your mouse buttons are working correctly.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

  • After you’ve chosen a restore point, click “Next.” Examine the information about the selected restore point to check it is correct. For the restoration procedure, click the “Finish” button. Hence, your computer will restart, and the system will be restored to the specified restore point.

The repair process may take some time. During this process, your computer will restart multiple times. Remember to carefully follow the directions during the restoration process and select a restore point that corresponds to your needs. This ensures that only changes made to your system since that restore point are undone, leaving your files and documents unaffected.

7. Disable Customization Software

Conflicts between third-party apps and the system’s default settings occur, resulting in unexpected button behavior. Thus, turning off such software removes its impact momentarily, enabling the default settings to take precedence. Customization software allows users to change their settings. 

  • First, check your computer to see whether you have installed any third-party mouse customization software. This software is frequently included with a gaming mouse and allows users to customize button functionality and settings.
  • Then, if you see any customization software running in the background, right-click on its icon in the system icon and select “exit” or “deactivate.” This move will now disable the software’s influence over your mouse settings.
  • After quitting or disabling the customizing software, click the buttons to test your mouse. Check to see if the button configuration has returned to normal.
  • If the problem persists after disabling the customizing program, uninstall it. Open the “Control Panel” or “Settings” depending on your Windows version, navigate to the “Programs” or “Apps” section, and uninstall the third-party mouse customization program.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

8. Contact the Mouse Manufacturer’s Support

First, gather information about your mouse, such as the model name, serial number, and any special software or drivers linked with it, before contacting the manufacturer’s help. This information will assist support professionals in better understanding your problem.

Now, navigate to the official website of the mouse’s manufacturer. Look for a “Support” or “Contact Us” section in the website’s header or footer. Manufacturers usually provide various contact options like chat, email, and phone assistance. Here select the method that best meets your needs and availability.

When contacting help, include a detailed description of the issue. Explain why the mouse buttons are inverted and what measures you’ve already tried to investigate the problem. The support representative will likely walk you through further troubleshooting steps for your mouse model. 

The manufacturer may recommend firmware or software updates to correct the reversed button issue. If these updates are advised, follow their instructions. If your mouse is still under warranty and the problem persists, inquire about a replacement or repair. Resolving difficult issues may necessitate some back-and-forth with the support team. Be patient and persistent in your efforts to find a solution.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

Reasons Why Mouse Buttons Are Reversed in Windows 10

It occurs due to either hardware or software settings. Hardware-wise, some mice are ambidextrous and can be used by left- or right-handed individuals, leading to a reversed button layout for one group. Software-wise, the operating system or mouse settings might be configured to swap button functions.

Furthermore, Inadvertent modifications in the settings cause changes in button behavior. Operating system updates, driver changes, or unintended clicks within the settings menu can cause the reversal. 

Overall, reversing mouse button functionality is frequently a question of personal preference, and it is usually fixed by modifying the settings to match your intended usage. If your mouse buttons behave strangely, this could be due to several factors. Following are some of the reasons:

  • Software Settings Issue
    In Windows 10, the program adjustments may cause mouse button behavior to change. This could be caused by accidental changes to your operating system’s mouse settings or third-party software interacting with your mouse settings. These settings determine the roles assigned to each button.
    Therefore, unintentional clicks or changes within the settings menu can result in button reversal. However, these configurations can be adjusted to fit individual preferences, but any accidental modifications may complicate the situation.
  • Drivers and Updates
    Updates, such as those for the operating system or mouse drivers, have the potential to change button configurations inadvertently. The default settings that come with upgrades may differ from your usual configuration.
    These modifications can occur due to default settings inside the updates or unintended changes made during the installation process. Also, this can happen if your system has a problem or if your drivers are out of date, so always keep your system drivers updated.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

  • Mouse Hardware Issues
    Physical hardware faults with your mouse, such as a defective button or internal wiring, might cause inverted or inconsistent button behavior. The mouse may misread button inputs due to faulty components or sensor problems. If this is the case, debugging the hardware or obtaining a replacement may be required to restore the proper button functions.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

  • Gaming or Customization Software
    Specific gaming or customizing software can change mouse settings to provide more personalized experiences. While these tools allow users to customize buttons for specific in-game tasks, they also accidentally result in reversed button configurations. Checking and updating settings inside such applications is critical to avoid unintentional button behavior changes.
  • Accessibility Settings Issue
    Mouse button behavior might be unintentionally affected by accessibility settings designed to support people with unique needs. These options could be configured to meet the needs of left-handed users or people with motor impairments. While these changes are beneficial, they can cause issues for users not consciously utilizing these accessibility features.
  • Virus or Malware
    In rare situations, viruses or malware can interfere with a computer’s operation, including mouse behavior. Malicious malware may modify system settings, resulting in unwanted changes in button configurations. Regular security scans and keeping your system secure can help prevent such problems.
  • Physical Changes
    Physical changes to the mouse, such as cleaning or maintenance, may inadvertently cause button reversal. Disassembling the mouse for cleaning and then wrongly reassembling it may result in swapping button functions. Such problems can be avoided by ensuring the mouse is correctly reassembled following any physical changes.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

How to Reverse Left and Right Click on Your Mouse?

You can access the system or mouse driver settings to confirm that the buttons are configured according to your preference. In most cases, the primary button is positioned to the left, while the secondary button, frequently used for context menus, is set to the right. 

However, some operating systems and software allow users to customize this setup. If you’re having a problem with your mouse button after updating your operating system or drivers, the update changes your settings, and you’ll need to re-adjust them. To adjust your mouse buttons according to your ease, follow the following steps:

Windows 11

  • First, you must click on the “Windows key” and then, in the search field, type “mouse.” Then select “Mouse settings” in the search results.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

  • In the mouse settings window, click the scroll down and select the “Primary mouse button” option. You can choose if the left or right button will be considered the primary mouse button thereHence select the Right or Left of your choice for primary functionality.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

  • After making the necessary adjustments, click the “Apply” button to save the settings. Lastly, to check that the modifications were correctly applied, click the buttons on your mouse. The behavior should now be consistent with your changed settings.

Windows 10 and 8

  • First, press the “Windows key”; then, in the search field, type “mouse.” Then select “Mouse settings” in the search results.
  • After that, Change the selected option in the drop-down box under “Select your primary button” in the Settings window from Left to Right or Right to Left.

Why are My Mouse Buttons Reversed? | cpugpunerds.com

Does Changing the USB Port Affect Mouse Button Configuration?

If you plug your mouse into a different USB port on your computer, your operating system can see it as a new device. This change can result in different button behavior if the mouse’s driver or software settings are not correctly synchronized across all USB ports. 

It’s also possible that various USB ports have different power levels, which could impact how the mouse communicates with the computer. As a result, changing USB ports may inadvertently cause changes in mouse operation, including button configuration. If you discover that changing the USB port causes the button configuration to change, you must evaluate the implications. 

When reconnecting the mouse to its original USB port, see if the button functions restore to their normal state. If this is the case, the problem could be caused by how the operating system or driver settings interact with various USB ports. Ensure consistent driver installations and settings synchronization across all USB ports in such cases to help ensure consistent button behavior.

How to Fix Reversed Mouse Buttons in Specific Apps or Games?

To fix this, go to the gaming or app mouse customization, and change the settings in that specific application. Many games and other programs now provide in-app customization options for mouse button functionalities. Examine these options to ensure that the button configuration matches your preferences.

If the problem persists, consider updating the application to the recent version, as newer versions offer fixes for such problems.  Still, if the problem persists, you can seek assistance from the application’s or game’s support team or online forums where other users may have had similar issues.

Furthermore, It’s critical to distinguish whether the issue is caused by application-specific settings or by a compatibility issue with your operating system. You can efficiently navigate the troubleshooting process and adjust your solutions to the context of the specific program or game by thoroughly researching the settings inside the application or game.


In conclusion, experiencing reversed mouse button behavior can be baffling and unpleasant. The problem of unexpectedly switching the primary and secondary button functionalities can emerge from various sources, each requiring a tailored solution. 

A comprehensive grasp of the problem is required for proper troubleshooting in Windows 10, which includes everything from your system’s software settings to the complexities of hardware and external elements. The reasons for inverted mouse buttons include a wide range of factors. Incorrect program setups, obsolete drivers, and even third-party customization applications can all contribute to this unusual button behavior. 

Even physical changes, such as switching between USB ports or introducing new hardware components, might have an unanticipated impact on mouse behavior. Users are supplied with various solutions to address the issue, from modifying program settings via the Control Panel and Command Prompt to contacting the manufacturer’s support. 

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