Is It Worth Getting a 2TB SSD? 1TB vs 2TB

Is It Worth Getting a 2TB SSD 1TB vs 2TB

SSDs are way too expensive for their storage size. You could get a 1 TB HDD for less than half the price of a 2 TB SSD. So unless you really need that extra space or have the money to spare, it’s not worth getting a 2 TB SSD. 

SSDs are also faster than HDDs when it comes to writing data. So if you’re planning on storing a lot of data on your drive, an SSD might be a better option. But, overall, it really depends on your needs. If you need the extra space and can afford it, go for the 2 TB SSD. 

Is It Worth Getting a 2TB SSD?

If you are a power user who needs that much storage, then it is definitely worth it. The price per gigabyte of an SSD is lower than it was a few years ago, so the cost of a 2TB SSD is not as prohibitive as it once was. Even if you are not a power user but still need a lot of storage, a 2TB SSD may be worth considering.

2TB space is more than enough. A 1TB SSD should be enough for most users. If you only use your computer for basic tasks, such as browsing the web, checking email, and watching videos, then a 128 GB or 256 GB SSD should be plenty of storage for you.

The second reason to buy a 2TB SSD over a 1TB model is if you need the extra space for data redundancy or safety. For example, if you are worried about losing data, you can back up important files to a second drive. In addition, if one drive fails, you will still have access to your data.

There is only one hurdle that can restrict you to but a 2TB hard drive; it is your motherboard and related hardware. If your motherboard doesn’t support the PCIe or high-speed hardware interface, buying a 2TB SSD will be a total waste. 

It also depends on whether you plan to buy a SATA SSD or an NVMe. If your motherboard only supports SATA III, buying a 2TB NVMe will be overkill as it will never unleash its full potential. On the other hand, NVMe is way faster than SATA SSD. So do consider the hardware compatibility before splurging on a 2TB SSD.

1TB Vs. 2TB SSD – Which one is better? 

1TB SSDs are less expensive per gigabyte than 2TB SSDs, but a 2TB SSD will give you more storage space. If you need more than 1TB of storage, then a 2TB SSD is worth considering. However, if you don’t need that much storage, or if you’re on a budget, a 1TB SSD is a better option. 

2TB SSDs are also faster than 1TB SSDs, so if speed is important to you, a 2TB SSD is the way to go. But if you’re just looking for basic storage, a 1TB SSD will suffice. 

8GB/s Maximum hardware interface. More than 10GB/s Maximum hardware interface.
20000 MB/s Data transfer rate 3500 MB/s Data transfer rate
Do not require a heatsink May require heatsink
128-bit hardware-based encryption 256-bit hardware-based encryption

Here are some important features that 2TB has over 1TB SSD:

Increase Storage Capacity

The first and most obvious advantage of using a 2 TB SSD is the increased storage capacity. This is especially beneficial if you have a large number of files or if you plan on storing large files such as video or audio files.

Boot Time:

A 2TB SSD can boot your computer up to 50% faster than a 1TB SSD. An average boot time difference between the two is around 10-15 seconds. More space means more performance and faster boot time.

Data Access:

The data reading speed of 1TB SSD is 530 MB/s, while the reading speed of 2TB is 1GB/s. While the writing speed of 1TB is 480 MB/s and 2TB is 900 MB/s. A 2TB SSD offers up to double the data transfer speed of a 1TB SSD. It means that you can access your files and programs much faster on a 2TB SSD. 


A 2TB SSD is more durable than a 1TB SSD and can withstand up to 10 times more data writes. It makes it ideal for use in demanding applications such as video editing or gaming.

Do You Really Need a 2TB SSD?

You can determine whether you need a 2TB SSD based on how much data you currently have? How much data do you plan to have in the future? How fast do you want your computer to be?

If you currently have less than 1TB of data and don’t plan on having much more in the future, then a 1TB SSD should suffice. However, if you have close to 1TB of data or more, a 2TB SSD will give you some breathing room. Keep in mind that a 2TB SSD will also be faster than a 1TB SSD, so it may be worth the extra money if speed is a concern for you.

Of course, you can always get a 1TB SSD and then upgrade to a 2TB SSD later on if you find that you need the extra space. The same goes for speed; if you start with a 1TB SSD and find that it’s not fast enough for you, you can always upgrade to a 2TB SSD later.

Is 2TB SSD Enough For Gaming?

A 2TB SSD is overkill for gaming unless you are a professional gamer who needs that much storage for all your games. If you are a casual gamer or only play a few games, you probably don’t need a 2 TB SSD. Even if you do need that much storage, you may be better off with a smaller SSD for your operating system and games and a larger HDD for storing other files.

No doubt, the latest games take more than 150GB of space, and some are 200GB. For this purpose, 1TB SSD is enough. Most gamers still use HDD to store large games as they are cheaper and work best for just storing the files.

Another factor to consider is the memory footprints. The higher resolution games like 4K games have more video memory footprints that enable them to run smoothly. That’s why a large SSD has at least 2TB storage to save 4K resolution games. 

Games have different asset type as most of the games have compressed assets like audio and video files that expands while you are gaming. So if you have a memoryless then required, it will surely decrease the performance of your game. 

Is 2TB SSD Enough for Video Editing? 

There are many things to consider when choosing an SSD for video editing. But one of the most important factors is capacity. You need enough storage space to keep all your video files and any other files you might need for your project. 

And while 1TB SSDs are becoming more common, they’re still not enough for many video editors. But in case of heavy video editing, you may need more space to store duplicate files and temporary rendering files. That’s why a 2TB SSD is a much better choice for most editors.


2TB SSDs offer several advantages over 1TB SSDs, including more storage space, faster data transfer speeds, and increased durability. So, if you have the budget for it, a 2TB SSD is definitely the better choice. But if you don’t need that much space or speed, then a 1TB SSD should be enough for you.